Get the Spark Going: How to Change Polarity on a Flux Core Welder


How to Change Polarity on a Flux Core Welder

If you are looking for a way to get your flux core welder spark back, it is time to learn how to change polarity on a flux core welder. This blog post will show you the steps needed to switch the polarity of your flux core welder so that you can start welding again!

How to Change Polarity on a Flux Core Welder

Step One: Turn Off The Welder

The first step to changing the polarity on a flux core welder is making sure you turn it off. To avoid any injuries, make sure that the power source for your machine has been turned off and unplugged from the wall outlet or extension cord.

Step Two: Disconnect The Power Source From The Welder

After turning off your welder, disconnect all cords and wires connected to other electrical sources such as an extension cord or another piece of welding equipment.

This would ensure there are no connections between two different types of machines which could cause harm if one were to be plugged in a while still powered on!

Step Three: Locate Your Flux Core Welder Wiring Diagrams And Documents

In order to properly change the polarity on a flux core welder, you need to know which wire is the ground and which one is positive. This can be done by consulting your machine’s wiring diagrams or owner’s manual for help.

Step Four: Remove Connections From The Welding Machine

Once you have located the information needed to change the polarity of a welding machine, it is time to remove all power connections from the back of your welder.

Loosen any bolts holding down wires and then unplug them to disconnect each connection that needs attention when changing the polarity on flux core welders.

Step Five: Switch Wire Connections On Your Flux Core Welder  

To switch between two different types of wire connections, such as changing polarity on flux core welder, take the two wires that need to be switched and connect them together.

This can be done by simply twisting one wire around another in a clockwise motion until it is secure.

Step Six: Test The Welding Machine With A New Polarity Switch

Once your new connection has been made, go ahead and plug back in all of the connections you had previously unplugged from your welding machine when learning how to change polarity on a flux core welder.

Now that your connections are switched, it is time to test the machine! Make sure you have a welding mask on, and then turn your welder’s power supply back on.

Once the welder has been turned back on, make some sparks to ensure there were no mistakes made when switching the polarity of flux core welders.

By following these steps for changing polarity on a flux core welder, one will be well equipped with what they need to get their welding machine working again!

For more tips and information you can watch this video:

With this knowledge, any individual should feel ready if facing problems with their own welding equipment at home or work. You can also check our blogs about how to tack weld aluminum and how to clean MIG welder tips.



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