How To Remove A Tri Wing Screw Without A Screwdriver: 7 Easy Methods

How To Remove A Tri Wing Screw Without A Screwdriver

Are you tired of having to use a screwdriver every time you need to remove a tri wing screw? It can be frustrating and cause more damage than necessary.

Luckily, there are many ways that you can remove pesky screws without using tools! This article shows you 7 easy methods on how to remove a tri wing screw without a screwdriver.

How To Remove A Tri Wing Screw Without A Screwdriver

Here are the 7 methods you can try to remove a tri wing screw without the proper screwdriver.

Method 1: Use a Rubber Band

Rubber bands have been used as makeshift screwdrivers for years, and they’ll work just fine here.

Simply wrap the rubber band around one of the flat points on your tri wing screwdriver until it’s nice and tight, then pull back to remove that pesky little sucker. It can help if you twist while pulling in order to get more torque on things.

Method 2: Use Duct Tape

Duct tape is the ultimate tool for any problem. If you don’t have a tri wing screwdriver, ask yourself how much duct tape would cost at your local store and pick some up on the way home after work this evening!

Once you’re back in front of that bad boy to be unscrewed, cut off an appropriately sized piece of duct tape (so it’s long enough to cover all three sides but not so big that it can’t fit into your hand), then press firmly over each endpoint until one side pops out. Work the other two points free with either more pieces of duct tape or by using Method One again if no extra pieces are available.

Method 3: Use A Candle

It may sound weird, but the heat of a candle is enough to make plastic melt and deform. perfect for removing screws.

Light your candle up, then after it’s hot but before the wax begins dripping all over the place (you don’t want molten plastic on top of raw flame!), hold it near one side of the tri wing screw until you hear that lovely crack sound as those little wings break free from their prison!

Repeat this step with each point around the circumference until they’re all gone or broken off.

Method 4: Use A Rubber Band & Candle

We just covered using a rubber band and candle separately, so why not combine them for the ultimate tri wing screw compromise?

By combining heat from a lit candle with pressure from a tightened rubber band around its circumference, the wings on your tri wing screw will have no choice but to break free!

This method is by far our favorite due to how quickly it works. Just be sure you don’t accidentally tilt that candle towards any flammable objects while taking out this little guy!

Method 5: Use Pliers

Pliers work great as makeshift tri wing screwdrivers since they’re able to get in between each of those tiny points and provide enough force against all three simultaneously without slipping off or requiring too much effort.

Simply grab onto each of the three points as close to the body as possible, then pull back until they snap off. The remaining plastic bits can be used for “wingnuts” that you twist on and off by hand without needing a screwdriver!

Method 6: Use A Knife

If your knife is sharp enough, specifically a pocket/hunting blade. It’ll work great as a makeshift tri wing screwdriver. Simply place your pointy end between all three wings at once (be careful not to cut yourself!) and push down against them while simultaneously pulling the entire piece towards you.

One side should pop out fairly easily if done right. Repeat this step with each flap around the circumference until they’re all gone or broken free.

Method 7: Use A Power Drill

Finally, the most extreme method to remove tri wing screws is using a power drill. This will work best if you have access to an electric screwdriver or even just a battery-operated model since it’ll be much easier on your arm than doing this by hand!

Carefully place the points of your bit in between each wing while pulling back so they don’t slip off and hurt anyone nearby (or yourself), then turn that sucker until all three are popped free. Just make sure not to use too high of a speed setting or you might break other things around them instead!

Bonus Method: Use a Card

If all else fails, you can use a business card or other similar thin piece of plastic instead. Just be careful not to accidentally snap it in half while pulling back on each wing!

There are many methods you can use to remove a tri wing screw without a screwdriver. The best choice depends on what you have available to you at the time.

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