How to Secure a Generator from Theft: 6 Safe Tips

How to Secure a Generator from Theft

Theft is one of the most common crimes in the world, and it can be even more devastating when it happens to a generator. Generators are expensive equipment that runs on gas-powered engines, which means they need fuel at all times. This makes them an ideal target for thieves who want to resell them or use them themselves. In this blog post, we will go over 6 safe tips on how to secure a generator from theft!

How to Secure a Generator from Theft

Here are the 6 safe ways to secure a generator from theft.

Tip 1: Use a Generator Lock

One of the best ways to secure your generator is by using a steel security cable. This heavy-duty lock comes with three keys and can be attached around large stationary objects like fences, poles or even trees for ultimate protection. Once it’s locked on, this will prevent thieves from taking off with your expensive equipment in no time at all.

Tip 2: Use Electric Fencing

If you don’t feel comfortable surrounding your home or business area with high voltage electric fencing, then perhaps an alternative would be portable electric fencing. It mounts easily onto any flat surface, including concrete walls, without causing damage whatsoever. And if someone tries removing it? Well they’ll receive quite the shock!

Tip 3: Secure it with a Chain

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to secure any generator, look no further than this heavy-duty chain lock. This is made from high-quality steel and comes complete with two keys so it’s twice as likely that thieves will be deterred. It can be attached anywhere around your generator or even around stationary objects such as fences and poles, which makes it extremely efficient at preventing theft.

Tip 4: Mark Your Equipment With Personalized Tags

One way to make your equipment identifiable in case if they are stolen is by using personalized stickers against theft. By writing down all the necessary information about who owns them and where their home address is, criminals won’t have luck trying to sell these items as they won’t be able to make a profit.

Tip 5: Secure it with Cables and Locks

If you already have your generator on-site, then why not consider using cable locks? They’re extremely easy to install and remove whenever necessary, making them ideal for securing generators that are used intermittently or even those left out in the open overnight. Simply attach the lock around any immovable object such as poles and fences, which makes these very efficient at preventing theft of all kinds – especially against opportunistic thieves who may take advantage of unlocked equipment!

Tip 6: Avoid Leaving Your Generator Out In The Open Overnight  

By far one of the worst things you can do is leave your expensive equipment sitting outside unprotected at night time. If you’re planning on doing this, then it’s incredibly easy for thieves to take advantage and steal your generator in an instant – so if they are left outside overnight, make sure they are properly locked up.

Tip 7: Use a Ground Anchor

The last way to secure your generator from theft is by using a ground anchor. If you’re looking for the perfect solution, then look no further than this portable steel security anchor.

It’s extremely easy to install and comes complete with two keys, which means it’ll be twice as likely that thieves won’t have luck trying to steal them! Simply place around any immovable object such as poles or even trees to ensure they are safely secured during overnight use.

What To Do When A Generator Is Stolen

If your generator has been stolen, then you’ll need to take action immediately. You can start by reporting it to the police, providing them with all the relevant information, including any proof of purchase or serial numbers, if possible, to make sure they stop resale and spread awareness in case anyone is trying to sell one online.

Also check out insurance policies, as some may cover theft of this kind! It’s also important that you inform electrical companies so that no more power than what was taken is generated using your name and address for example, which could lead to further problems down the line! Finally, keep an eye out online for second-hand generators being sold at suspicious prices, as well as asking around just in case someone knows of one being sold under the table.

There are lots of measures that you can take to secure your generator from theft. All it takes is using a few simple methods such as chains, locks, personalized stickers, or even ground anchors to keep them safe at all times!

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