The Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set (With 7 Product Reviews)

gunsmith screwdriver
backpacWeaver Compact Gunsmith Screwdriver Set4.7/5Check Price
backpacWheeler Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set4.7/5Check Price
backpacChapman Ultimate Gunsmith Screwdriver Set4.7/5Check Price
backpacGrace USA Gunsmith Screwdriver Set4.6/5Check Price
backpacWinchester 51 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set4.6/5Check Price
backpacKNINE OUTDOORS Gunsmith Screwdriver Set 4.5/5Check Price
cordlessblowerLyman Master Gunsmith Screwdriver Set4.4/5Check Price

Gunsmith screwdrivers are a must for any gun owner. They come in handy when you need to tighten screws or loosen them, and they’re perfect for removing the firing pin from your firearm.

But what should you look for in a good set? We’ve put together this guide to help you find the 7 best gunsmith screwdriver sets product on the market.

How We Chose The Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

When we were looking for the best gunsmith screwdrivers, we focused on three main factors: durability, variety of bits included, and value. We compared each product’s price per bit against its retail price to find products that offered great bang-for-your-buck.

We looked at dozens of products, and we’re confident our top 7 choices will fit whatever needs you to have when it comes to gunsmith screwdrivers. These tools also come in handy for other household tasks, like hanging pictures or assembling furniture, so you’ll have the right tool for any job.

The Uses Of  Gunsmith Screwdriver Sets

The uses for gunsmith screwdrivers are endless. They’re perfect for small jobs around the house, and they even come in handy when you need to tighten a loose screw or replace an entire part of your firearm. 

Most sets have several different bits so that you can handle any job, from tightening sight screws to taking apart firing pins. A good set of gunsmith screwdrivers is one that has the right variety and durability for whatever job you need to do.

Here are some of the best uses for gunsmith screwdriver sets:

  • Assemble furniture that requires screws to hold it together
  • Remove stripping from masonry or wood using a rotary tool with a drive bit and rpm control. (This is particularly useful if you need to recalibrate your sight.)
  • Removing the firing pin from your firearm

Gunsmith screwdriver sets are an essential part of any gun owner’s tool kit. The best set will give you durability, a variety of bits, and great value for money so that you have everything you need in one place. We’ve put together this guide to help make sure that you’ve got the right tool for every job.

Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set Product Reviews

If you’re looking to get underway with gunsmith screwdrivers, here are our top seven picks:  

1. Weaver Compact  Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

cordlessblowerMore Details

The Weaver Compact Gunsmith Screwdriver Set is a handy set of durable screwdrivers for maintaining your guns. The case holds 36 different pieces, which are perfect for most gunsmithing jobs, and each has an easy-view slot on the top of it to make quick work during repairs.

It’s securely organized in separate compartments with slots explicitly made to store those smaller items quickly and easily, so you don’t have to waste time hunting through everything looking for one small item.

So get out there and keep your firearms maintained with this compact and reliable set!

  • Good case
  • Sturdy
  • Goods for replacing grips
  • Easy to remove the trigger guard
  • Good for beginners
  • Small and handy
  • It came with a plastic case which some buyers found not durable

2. Wheeler Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set 

cordlessblowerMore Details

With these screwdrivers, you’ll be able to do any job. From short screws for a delicate device to long ones for the gigantic back of an armchair, Wheeler Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set has what you need. 

Wheeler Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set includes a storage case for convenient carrying. It’s made of strong S2 tool steel and is durable and versatile.

The bits have ground concave shapes that offer maximum contact with those stubborn slots, and they’re made of high-quality steel, so don’t worry about them bending out of shape or breaking in the heat of the moment. This set also includes 2 overmolded handles made from non-slip rubber polymers and features 21 bits all around!

  • Handy and easy to use
  • Has a lot of bits to choose from
  • Has hollow ground screw bits for easier work
  • Good for beginner and amateur
  • Lack of magnetic tip
  • The case might be tight

3. Chapman Ultimate Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

cordlessblowerMore Details

The Chapman Ultimate Gunsmith Screwdriver Set is designed for the professional gunsmith. It offers all the bits you will need to dismantle or assemble your firearms quickly and efficiently. 

All of these screwdrivers are made of high-quality materials, so they won’t rust or diminish in shape over time. The handle also has a sleek design that allows comfortable use year-round. Precision Milled from USA Steel, these tools are perfect for working on firearms, weapons, and compound bows. 

With 32 different-sized bits with an innovative ball detent to hold it securely in place, nobody will be able to put Available in both ¼ inch hex drive sizes for screws and hex rods. Ensure that your firearms are secured tight during installation with this gunpowder-resistant toolset. 

Chapman Ultimate Products down no matter what they get themselves into. Made in America and assembled from USA sourced materials. Truly the best quality that money can buy.

Nonmagnetic ball detent fasteners stopping the bits with precision so nothing can go wrong on your next hunt or fix-up job. We only use premium quality materials as we know all too well how personal guns can get. Heat-treated steel provides strength and function, while black oxide finish protects against corrosion.

  • Bits are light and detailed
  • We designed
  • Well made
  • Handy and compact
  • Bits might sometimes fall of the drive

4. Grace USA Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

cordlessblowerMore Details

Product description: Get your very own gun care screwdriver set! A complete Gun Care Screwdriver Set by Grace USA is custom-hollow ground to fit scope screws, plug screws, guard screws, floor plate, and sight screws with a tolerance of +/- .002. 

It comes with Chromium and Vanadium blades that are R/C 52-56 hard in an 8650 steel alloy. With a black oxide finish providing a smooth gripping surface, these screwdrivers will back you up for life!

This 8-piece set of screwdrivers is essential for the gunsmith who appreciates a highly efficient workshop. Made from the best American-made materials and manufactured by craftsmen, this tool will serve you well for years to come.

Grace USA knows the importance of an efficient gunsmithing screwdriver. That’s why we provide you with these high-quality tools to do your job! 

Screwdriver handles are turned to exact specifications using Maine hardwood, delivering a strong, non-slippery grip. Even when your hands are oily. The handles are topped off with nickel-plated steel ferrule. 

While screwdrivers were constructed as the ideal tool for gunsmithing purposes, they also can be used for woodworking needs, military, and mechanical aspects, and in addition to medical and home care uses. 

Grace USA offers professional-grade products that stand up against anything else on the market today.

  • Quality material
  • They have good customer service for complaints and feedback
  • Nice wood handles
  • Fair price
  • The tips are sharp that can scratch the screws

5. Winchester 51 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

backpacMore Details

This Winchester 51 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set is the perfect tool for removing and installing all gunsmith screws, mounting rails, barrels, and pins. Soft-grip custom TPR molded driver with magnetic tip makes this set great for delicate work. 

12 flat head bits (8 hex bits, 4 Phillips bits, 2 long Phillips bits), 7-star bits (4 robertson bit, 4 triwing bits), 3 clutch sizes; 1/4″, 5/16″ & 3/8″) and one 3mm “Hex Adaptor Inch” to tighten any loose nuts or bolts that you need! All in a compact case so no tools are misplaced.

  • Soft handle
  • Socket fits tightly
  • Durable
  • The rubber handle is comfortable
  • It is hard to remove the driver in the case

6. KNINE OUTDOORS Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

cordlessblowerMore Details

Your KNINE OUTDOORS gunsmith screwdriver set is the perfect tool for all your firearm repair and maintenance needs.  You will be able to free up time and frustration with this 100-piece kit which includes a durable, corrosion-resistant case.

To avoid the potential risk of losing nuts and bolts, this screwdriver set is designed to be portable. Be sure to take time to organize all of your screws before you transport them in their protective box. 

With Phillips, Hex, Torx, plus more this kit has everything you need for any home improvement projects or car maintenance that needs a little extra TLC. The Knine outdoor’s guarantees satisfaction with warranty and friendly customer service if things happen not as planned.

There are almost no screws that KNINE OUTDOORS can’t handle! When you’re done using these tools, they will require minimal cleanup, thanks to their S2 steel construction and anti-rust oil coating. Get one of these sets today!

  • Hard case
  • Good quality
  • Can choose from a variety of bits
  • It has a nice magnetic tray

    7. Lyman Master Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

    cordlessblowerMore Details

    The Lyman Master Gunsmith Screwdriver Set takes the guesswork out of what tools you need and comes with nearly every bit your gunsmith or firearms technician will ever need. 

    Each set comes with slotted screws, hex screws, 6-lobe screws, Phillips screws, and a Weaver scope ring bit. 

    To round off this exceptional kit, there is also both a Gokj front sight bit as well as a 1911 grip bushing bit. Don’t try to tackle any project without at least one of these sets!

    • Medium size
    • Great assortment
    • Decent quality items
    • Stylish case
    • Bits may not fit in the extension and needs some adjusting
    • You may find the handle bit larger

    How to Choose the Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set: The Do’s and Don’ts of Purchasing This Tool

    Consider the following when choosing a screwdriver set for gunsmithing:


    In choosing the gunsmith screwdriver set, you need to look at the material of which it is made. The best gunsmith screwdriver set will be durable, with high-quality steel and chrome vanadium in its pieces.

    Number Of Bits And Sizes

    You should choose a gunsmith screwdriver set that contains many different bits so that you can get your job done quickly and easily. You should look for a set that has at least 70% more bits than you need, with different sizes to accommodate any job.

    Handle Grips And Ergonomics

    The best gunsmith screwdriver set will have ergonomic handles and grip well so that you can get torque when needed without worrying about your hand slipping. 

    You should look for a set that has at least one larger handle so that you can get your job done more easily and quickly.

    Material Of Handle And Bit Grips

    The best gunsmith screwdriver set will have handles made of either plastic or metal, with the latter being preferable since it is likely to last longer than those made of plastic. 

    You should look for a set that has grip material similar to its handles to hold more securely when you are putting pressure on it.

    Lifetime Warranty

    The best gunsmith screwdriver set will have a lifetime warranty because this means the manufacturer is confident in their product and believes they stand by their workmanship. You should look for a set that has this, so you know they stand by their product.


    The best gunsmith screwdriver set will have a good price because it is able to do the job well while being easy on your wallet. 

    You should look for cheaper sets if you are only going to use them occasionally, but more expensive ones if they are going to be used regularly and see heavy-duty usage.

    Here are some essential do’s that will ensure you choose the best product on the market:

    1. Make sure to look at the total number of bits you have in your kit. More is better, but a good set will typically include around 70% more than what’s necessary for any job.
    2. You should make sure that all of the screwdrivers are made out of tempered steel and hardened chrome vanadium so they’ll be able to handle any job. Many of the cheaper kits on the market are made from cheap steel that won’t hold up over time.
    3. You should also make sure to look for a kit that has ergonomic handles. This will ensure you have enough torque and control over your job without having to do any extra work with other tools like pliers or vice grips.
    4. Look for a kit that includes at least one larger handle, and in some cases, this is included as part of the main tool. This will come in handy when you need to tighten or loosen screws on large parts like sights or scopes.
    5. The best gunsmith screwdriver set will include a lifetime warranty so that you know the manufacturer stands by its product and believes in its durability.

    Here are some essential don’ts when choosing your kit:

    1. Don’t skimp on price if it means sacrificing quality; this will make the screwdrivers more likely to bend and break while you’re using them.
    2. Don’t buy a set that only has a one-bit size. This can cause you to struggle with the wrong-sized screwdriver and won’t give you many options for your job.
    3. Avoid kits with cheap steel or plastic handles, which will not handle heavy use over time. If they are plastic, they will bend and break when you put any pressure on them.
    4. Don’t buy a kit that doesn’t have handle grips so that you can get the most torque possible. These allow for easier use over time which is definitely important if it’s going to be your main screwdriver set.
    5. Don’t just look at the price, even though it’s important. Focus on value instead so that you get the most out of your money.

    A good gunsmith screwdriver set will include a variety of bits for any job and will last through years of use. Look for a set that includes all necessary screwdrivers and bits, like those featured above.

    Gunsmith Screwdriver Set FAQ’s

    Are there any screwdriver sets that are made for specific firearms?

    Yes, many manufacturers make gunsmith screwdrivers specifically designed to work with the type of firearm you have. 

    Look for kits that include bits and handles especially suited to your model so they’ll be able to fit in all necessary spaces.

    Are these gunsmith screwdrivers the right size for my needs?

    Look at the package to see what type of gun and model they are made for, as well as which screw sizes you will be working with. This is important because it ensures that your screws won’t get stripped or make them harder to work with overall.

    Will these gunsmith screwdrivers get stuck inside of my firearm?

    If you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, then there is no risk that your screws will stick or be made harder to remove. 

    You should always use new bits and don’t forget about safety when dealing with firearms.

    Will these gunsmith drivers set off any trigger locks on my firearm?

    It’s possible depending on the model, so be sure to do some research before choosing your kit. Look for kits that have bits made specifically for trigger locks and other safety precautions.

    What are this gunsmith driver’s warranty requirements?

    Make sure you read the terms carefully so that you don’t void the warranty by using a third-party bit or doing anything of that nature.

    How do I know which bit size to choose for my firearm?

    Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but typically you want a screwdriver that is smaller than your screws. This ensures they won’t get stripped or make it harder to remove them over time.

    Are these gunsmith drivers magnetic?

    Many of them are, but this is mainly for the magnetic bits as opposed to the entire tool. 

    This makes it easier to work with screws when they get stuck in tight spaces or need more torque.

    How do I choose a screwdriver set?

    Look at which kit you want and then check out its features like materials used, warranty, bits, and pieces included, etc. Compare prices to make sure you get the best value for your money.

    Are these gunsmith drivers durable?

    Some of them are designed specifically with durability in mind so that they can last through years of use. Look at the package to see what it says about this or if there’s any information at all.

    How do I use gunsmith drivers?

    You’ll find detailed instructions on the package so you can get started right away. Make sure to read through them carefully and always follow safety guidelines when working with firearms.

    Are these driver sets all-inclusive?

    Some of them are, and some aren’t, so you’ll want to make sure that yours has everything you need for your needs. 

    You should be able to find out what’s included by checking the product description or looking at reviews.



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