Brick Cutting: Can You Use a Mitre Saw To Cut Brick

Can You Use a Mitre Saw To Cut Brick

Mitre saws are great tools that can be used for many different DIY projects. Cutting brick is one of the most common uses, but there are some things you need to know before making your first cut.

This blog post will go over the tool basics and how they work and what types of bricks can be cut with a mitre saw and which ones cannot.

Can You Use a Mitre Saw To Cut Brick?

The answer is yes! You definitely can use a mitre saw to cut bricks.

As long as the brick doesn’t have too many jagged edges, you should be fine with using any standard miter angle. For example, if your project requires 45-degree cuts and you use a compound or sliding miter saw (which would offer this), then you’ll be fine.

However, if the brick has jagged edges or you’re not using a compound miter saw to do your cuts, then it would be best to use some sort of scoring tool on either side of your cut line before breaking off that piece. This way you can avoid any flying debris which could send tiny shards across the room!

How Can You Use a Mitre Saw To Cut Brick?

If you are looking for a way to cut brick, here are the steps you need to follow.

First, choose a blade that is appropriate for the brick type and thickness. The saw should be set at an angle of about 45-degrees to start cutting into the material without chipping it away from your cut line.

Make sure you have a firm grip on both sides of the handle while going through this process to avoid getting injured or dropping any sharp pieces onto anyone below where you are working.

Once these steps have been completed, begin slowly moving downward along one side of your brick wall until it has been completely separated from its base structure all around.

Then repeat this same method with another section being taken out from either side in order to create even more space between each individual piece (if desired).

Once the brick wall has been separated into even sections, take a step back and look at it. If there are any spaces that need to be filled in with smaller pieces, you can repeat these same steps until your desired results have been achieved.

By following this process, you will learn how to use mitre saws for cutting bricks to create different shapes or designs within your building project.

What Can Be Cut With A Mitre Saw

There are many materials that can be cut with a mitre saw to achieve different results depending on the type of brick as well as your personal preferences. Here is a list of some common types:


These bricks may need more than just one blade because they tend to have extra material and thickness around them, requiring your blades to be changed more frequently so you not to damage them beyond repair.

Cinder blocks

When it comes down to cutting cinder blocks, this task requires more muscle power or pressure behind each movement so make sure you do not lose grip while doing so. It also takes longer than most materials too.

Concrete pavers/blocks

This kind of block tends to give you an easier time when cutting because of its thinness and hardness. This will also do well with either a circular saw or mitre saw in order to get the job done.

Terracotta tiles

These are some of the most difficult materials to cut through not only by using a mitre but any other kind too due to their thickness, density, and quality.

They can be broken down into smaller pieces, though, if you have enough power behind your movements while doing so however, this process may require more than one blade again depending on how strong it is.

Brick cutting is a great way to build your skills as a DIY’er and can be done by using any kind of mitre saw you have access too! While this task does require more muscle power or blades, it won’t take too much time from start to finish.

In the end, brick cutting will become an invaluable part of your tool kit if you plan on doing many building projects in the future, so get started now! You may also check our post on sharpening a hole saw and making an arrow cut-off saw if you have one.



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