Can A Torque Wrench Be Used As A Breaker Bar (With 3 Best Alternatives)


Can A Torque Wrench Be Used As A Breaker Bar

We want to answer today: can a torque wrench be used as a breaker bar? A torque wrench is a tool that has been used for years to measure the force created by tightening or loosening bolts. On the other hand, a breaker bar is often used as a lever to loosen tight nuts and bolts.

Can A Torque Wrench Be Used As A Breaker Bar?

Using a torque wrench as a breaker bar is not advised. A torque wrench has been designed to measure the amount of torque applied to a bolt or nut. When used correctly, it can precisely control how tight something gets and prevent over-tightening or under-tightening apart, leading to damage.

Using a torque wrench as a breaker bar can result in the following:

  1. The torque wrench may not fit properly. This could lead to it slipping and causing damage to surrounding parts or injury when you apply force on an incorrect part of the torque wrench.
  2. If a bolt is too tight for your breaker bar, there’s no way using a torque wrench as a breaker bar will get that bolt loose. You might strip out the head of the bolt so then this becomes another issue altogether!  

Using a regular old crowbar can be just as effective at getting something loose without putting yourself at risk of damaging anything else nor risking stripping any bolts/nuts that are already tightened down correctly with proper usage of tools designed specifically for them. Using some elbow grease is all that’s needed sometimes.

What Can You Use Aside From Torque Wrech?

There are other tools out there that can be used as breaker bars besides torque wrenches. Here are some suggestions for different tools that can be used in place of a torque wrench as a breaker bar.

Pipe Wrench

Pipe wrenches can be used as a breaker bar for those hard-to-get-to bolts and nuts. They have a long handle that allows you to apply force in the correct area of the bolt or nut so it doesn’t strip them out nor cause damage to other parts around it.  

Socket Wrench

Using socket wrenches as breaker bars is another great option for that hard-to-get-to bolts and nuts. Sockets range from small ones made specifically for screws up to large sockets used on impact guns, which can get even stubborn nuts off wheels without much effort.


Crowbars are another option for use as a breaker bar. You can find crowbar sizes just about anywhere from big to small. The larger the crowbar, the more force you’ll be able to apply when using it in place of a torque wrench and breaker bar set up.

The list of breaker bar options can go on and on. The best advice is to look at your toolbox what you’ve got that could work for this job, then give it a shot!

You might find that everything you need was already in there too without having to make an extra trip to the store just for one thing only. You can also read our post about how to install spark plugs without a torque wrench and how to date a crescent wrench if you are struggling with these things.



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