Can You Drill Concrete Without a Hammer Drills?

Can You Drill Concrete Without a Hammer Drills

Drilling concrete is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort to break down the material into manageable pieces. This is especially true if you do not have the right tools for the job.

A hammer drill may seem like a smart purchase, but what if we told you that there was another way? This blog post will talk about how to drill through concrete without using a hammer drill!

How Can You Drill Concrete Without a Hammer Drills?

Here are some of the methods you can try if you need to drill concrete without hammer drills.

Method 1: Use a Diamond Blade

One of the most efficient and recommended methods to drill concrete is by using a diamond blade. A diamond blade can be used for several purposes, such as cutting, grinding, and polishing surfaces like concrete.

This tool will work best if you need to make small holes on sturdy or hard surfaces like concrete without making too much noise. To use this, you will need to purchase a diamond blade that can fit into the drill.

Next, attach it to your power tool and start drilling. You may also want to read our previous article about how to use concrete without making too much noise.

Method 2: Use an Angle Grinder for Your Concrete Drilling Needs

If you have an angle grinder with a metal grinding disk or stone cutting blade, then using it is another way of doing things when you need to make holes in hard surfaces like concrete. To do so, place your angle grinder securely near where you are going to work before plugging it in.

Start by attaching the proper blades depending on what kind of hole needs to be made. If there’s no specific blade needed for your work, you can start by using the stone cutting or metal grinding disk to make a guide mark on where exactly would be the best spot to drill. When this is done, unplug it and detach its blades before proceeding with drilling concrete without making too much noise.

Method 3: Use Hammer Drill Bits

Using hammer drill bits are also another possible way of drilling concrete surfaces like floors or walls even if there’s no electricity available in your place because these tools will not need power at all.

To do so, just attach one into an ordinary electric drill then proceed to drive it straight down until you break through that surface. You may want to use other methods mentioned above though when trying out this method since they have been proven to be more effective than this one.

Method 4: Use a Drill Press

Using a drill press is another possible way to make holes on concrete surfaces without making too much noise. This can be done by attaching the proper bits and adjusting their speed before you start drilling.

Like other methods, it will not produce any sound when used, making it one of the best tools you should have if you are planning to work with concrete materials in your area. For more tips about this method or others, feel free to check out our blog for additional information!

Method 5: Use a Hand Drill

Lastly, you can also use an electric hand drill in order to make holes on concrete surfaces like floors or walls. This method is not recommended if you need big holes since it usually has smaller bits compared to the other drills mentioned above.

If needed though, this tool may be your best option, but keep in mind that bigger and more powerful tools are still much better when working with hard materials like concrete.

We hope you learned a lot from this article and that it helps you out the next time you need to drill concrete without hammer drills. You can also check our post on drilling through the bulletproof glass and drilling into concrete fence posts.



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