Can You Drill Through a Sentry Safe: 4 Helpful Steps

Can You Drill Through a Sentry Safe

A Sentry safe is a type of security container used to store valuables and protect them from theft. They are made up of steel or fireproof material with an electronic lock. This article will explore the question: can you drill through a sentry safe?

How Can You Drill Through a Sentry Safe?

Here are the steps on how you can drill through a Sentry safe:

Step 1: Get a Straight Drill Bit

The first step in drilling through this safe is to get yourself a straight drill bit. The most common size for these drills is ¼”, but they can go up to ½”. If you have the right sized bit, it will be much easier on your hands when trying to open the lock face with your drill later on down the road.

Step 2: Prepare Your Safe

Before drilling into any type of material, always make sure that there are no flammable materials nearby and everyone knows what is going on. If anything happens, nothing gets damaged or hurt.

Also, prepare your sentry safe by removing all valuables from inside before starting! You do not want them getting damaged or broken.

Step 3: Drill Into the Safe’s Face

This step is where you will be spending most of your time and effort, so this part needs to be done right! First off, place a towel underneath the safe because it does not take much for the drill bit to slip through and damage something that it should not have damaged if precautions were taken beforehand.

Once you are prepared, then find an area on the lock face that has little room between each number, then set your drill bit there and apply pressure to begin drilling into the material itself. Do this at all numbers until they are drilled in about halfway down, giving you enough space to use pliers later after everything else has been drilled through.

Step 4: Drill the Rest of the Way Through

Once you have drilled down to about halfway, take your pliers out and begin pulling up on each number until they are completely removed from the safe which gives you enough room so that none of them get caught onto your drill bit when trying to remove it because this will cause permanent damage if there is even a small chance that one or more numbers get broken off into your drill bit!

After all, numbers are pulled out then slowly pull out the rest using both hands as leverage. This should be done very carefully in order not to break anything else inside of the safe.

How To Take Care Of Your Safety Container

Now that you know how to drill through a sentry safe, what should you do with it after the fact? There are many things in place, including safety precautions when trying to remove anything from your Sentry safe. Here is some important information regarding taking care of your newfound goods:

  1. Do not try and move or carry this item by yourself. You need someone to help you take it where ever you are going.
  2. Do not break the locks open unless there is a fire burning nearby because this will cause an unsafe environment!
  3. Never try and cut through anything other than the lock itself with your drill bit as this can have major consequences on what lies behind those walls or inside of them, so be careful when doing so, especially if children might get ahold of these items without knowing what they contain.

Sentry safe is one of the most well-known brands in the world. Yes! You can drill through a Sentry safe! You can follow the step above to do so. You can also check our post on drilling out a door lock, and if you are interested in sharpening concrete drill bits, you can check our blog.



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