Can You Sharpen A Step Drill Bit: Easy Guide

Can You Sharpen A Step Drill Bit

In this blog post, we will show you how to sharpen a step drill bit. It’s quick and easy with the right equipment. We’ll give you detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.

How Can You Sharpen A Step Drill Bit?

Here are the easy steps on how to sharpen a step drill bit.

Step One: Pick a flat surface

Look for a surface that is flat and won’t scratch your drill bit. You can use a glass surface or even the floor (if it’s clean). If you’re using the floor, make sure to put down some cardboard first!

Step Two: Prepare your sharpening tool

You will need a round or cone-shaped object with some grit. The more, the better! We’re using an old drill bit and polishing stones to get our step drill bit looking like new again. You can also use sandpaper, but this takes longer than just using polished rocks you already have at home.

Step Three: Hold it steady

Hold the flat side of your step drill against the surface, so it doesn’t move around while you sharpen it. Make sure you hold it tight enough that if any metal shavings fall down in between, they won’t scratch up your work surface (like we did). Use one hand on each end for maximum stability and safety.

Step Four: Start sharpening!

Now put your round object on the step drill bit and start moving it back and forth. This will take a little while to get going but keep at it once you have some momentum until things are looking good enough for you. We would recommend doing this about 15-20 times all around the edge of your step drill bit so that they’re evenly ground down again.

Step Five: Buff it off

You’ll want to get a cloth or rag and buff the edge of your step drill bit so that all sharp edges are removed. And voila! You’ve just learned how to sharpen a step drill bit.

Now you know how to sharpen a step drill bit. Go ahead and give it a shot today! You can also read our posts and learn how you can cut drilled and slotted rotors and find where you can buy a drill rifle.



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