How Diamond Saw Blades are Made: The 4 Amazing Process


 How Diamond Saw Blades are Made

Diamond saw blades are an essential part of the industrial diamond cutting process. The blade is used to cut through materials that are too hard or tough for other types of saws to cut, such as granite and concrete.

This blog post will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how diamond saw blades are made in order to provide everyone with a better understanding of their importance in modern society.

How Diamond Saw Blades are Made

Here are the steps on how diamond saw blades are made.

Process 1: Diamond Grinding

The first step in making a diamond saw blade is to grind the diamonds. The diamonds are ground into very tiny pieces that will become chips for cutting rock or concrete. Diamonds can be cut like regular stones, but they produce longer-lasting blades when they are broken down smaller by grinding them with special equipment at high pressure and temperature.

Process 2: Carburizing

The second step to making a diamond saw blade is called carburizing. The grinding process produces tiny diamonds that are not quite as sharp and strong as they can be, so the next step in creating blades is to put them into an oven at high temperatures with carbon materials such as coal or petroleum coke.

These particles will attach themselves to the surfaces of each broken-down diamond particle and become part of the blade matrix when it all cools down again. This helps create very hard carbide surfaces on each individual piece of diamond that makes up this composite material we call a saw blade.

Process 3: Bonding Diamond Chips Together

After these two processes have been completed, now you need to together many small pieces (chips) of diamond into one piece (bonded matrix). This is done by compressing the carbide diamonds together under very high pressure to create a solid blade.

Process 4: Grinding and Polishing Diamond Blades

The next step in making a diamond saw blade is to put it through another process called grinding and polishing. The blades are finely ground on both sides until they become smooth, shiny surfaces that can be used for cutting rock or concrete.

Saw blades made out of diamonds will last up to five times longer than traditional steel ones because there are fewer cracks along the surface where more material may get broken away during use over time.

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Types of Diamond Saw Blades 

There are many different types of diamond saw blades that are used for a variety of purposes. All these blades have diamonds attached to them, but some may only use tiny pieces on the edges, while others may be made out of more solid blocks with larger chunks or pieces of diamond bonded together as part of their matrix structure.

Here are the common types of diamond saw blades used by professional companies in the construction and mining industry:

Segmented Rim Blade

This kind of blade has diamonds attached to the outside edge of a metal rim. The diamond pieces are long and thin so they can slice through rock by being pushed forward as this blade spins around on its axis while it is moving back and forth along a wall or floor surface.

Segmented Core Blades

This type of blade has blocks of diamond material bonded together inside a metallic core that holds them in place during use.

These blades have more diamond material, but they do not produce very clean cuts because there tends to be some fracturing at the edges where these two different types of materials meet each other under pressure from grinding down into rock surfaces. This causes chunks or bits of stone or concrete to break away instead of fine powdery dust like you would get with a segmented rim blade.

Continuous Rim Blades

These diamond saw blades are made with long strips of diamonds attached to the outside edge of a metal rim. This type of blade is more expensive than others, but it produces cleaner cuts because no blocks or seams can break apart during use as you get with segmented core versions.

These types of blades have continuous coverage around their circumference, so they do not need secondary cutting teeth along the edges as some other kinds may have for extra support and stability while moving over uneven surfaces.

Turbo Rim Blades

This type of diamond saw blade is the most expensive one. It uses a large piece or block of diamonds that have been molded into place around its circumference to create a very smooth, shiny surface that cuts much faster than other types because it has more material and fewer seams along which you can get cracks in your blades as they wear down from use over time.

This means these kinds of blades will last longer before needing a replacement for this reason alone, but also because they are capable of rotating at higher speeds without fracturing under pressure like some others may do if their materials were not strong enough to handle such high RPM rates during operation.  

Non-Segmented Core Blades

These kinds of diamond saw blades have continuous blocks or pieces of mixed carbide composites and diamond materials bonded together with a metallic alloy casing around them.

They are the best type of blades to use for very long cuts because they do not have any seams or gaps that can cause these parts to fracture where two different types of material meet each other under pressure from grinding down into rock surfaces during operation.

This means you will get cleaner cut lines without worrying about secondary cutting teeth along the edges, as some may need support when moving over uneven surface areas.

You now know the process for how diamond saw blades are made, and the kinds of diamond saw blades used by professional companies in mining, construction, and manufacturing. You can also check our blogs about the kind of steel that is used in circular saw blades if you are interested.



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