How to Clean an Aluminum Table Saw Top

how to clean aluminum table saw top

Cleaning the top of a table saw can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. This blog post will cover how to clean an aluminum table saw tops and give you some quick tips on other things that should also get a good cleaning.

Benefits Of Cleaning an Aluminum Table Saw Top

Prevent rust on your table saw top

When you clean your table saw top, you can prevent rust from accumulating on the surface. This is especially true for those who live in humid areas and do not clean their tools often enough. The problem with rust is that it will make your aluminum table saw top dull and unattractive. Furthermore, this could expose the metal to corrosion which can affect its lifespan.

Cleaner look of steel table saw blade

Cleaning also makes your tools look better than ever before! Aluminum has a shiny surface like stainless steel or iron, but aluminum does not stain or rust, unlike them. This means that when you clean your table saw, it will look like new again!

Help protect the blade from damage

Cleaning the top of your tools can also help in protecting its blade and discs for longer periods of time. A dirty surface might be harder to wipe off with oil, making it more likely to cling on until your next use.

How To Clean Aluminum Table Saw Top: Effective and Safe Methods

Step One:  Use a Green Cleaning Product

Most people like to use green cleaning products because they are safe around children and pets. Furthermore, it may be more effective than harsh chemicals, which can leave your table saw top with streaks or spots of residue.

If you would prefer not to buy an entire bottle for one tool, consider using natural ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda, which are cheap and easy to find.

Step Two: Dip a Rag in Oil or Water

Another way you can clean your aluminum table saw top is by using oil or water as an abrasive material. Simply take a rag, dip it into the liquid of choice, then scrub until all dirt has been lifted off from the surface.

Oil is especially useful in lifting stubborn rust particles. However, it may leave behind an oily film which you will need to wipe off later on with a damp cloth.

Step Three:  Use Aluminum Polish for Shiny Surface

After cleaning your aluminum table saw top with water or oil, make sure that you remove any residue left by using another rag dipped in household rubbing alcohol (also known as Isopropyl Alcohol).

Rub the surface until all residues are gone, and let it dry completely before using again! To give yourself more time during this process, consider doing other chores around the house while waiting for the metal to dry up naturally.

This way, you won’t feel rushed when trying to get back into work! You can also use vegetable oil if you don’t have alcohol at home.

Step Four: Use a Spray Cleaner to do the Job Quickly!

If you feel that cleaning your aluminum table saw top is difficult or time-consuming, consider using a spray cleaner instead of going through the steps above manually. Simply pour it on and let it sit for about five minutes before wiping it off with a damp cloth.

Take note though that this method will only clean the surface, so make sure to go over areas that need more attention afterward using other methods listed here.

Some people even suggest spraying vinegar onto their tools before polishing them up with vegetable oil, but these are not as effective as the first two methods mentioned.

Step Five: Use Sandpaper to Remove Stuck Particles on Top of Tool

If you do not have a green cleaning product, rubbing alcohol, or any other alternative around your house, then consider using sandpaper instead. This is particularly useful if there are rust particles stuck onto your aluminum table saw top that won’t come off no matter how hard you scrub!

Simply take some fine-grained sandpaper and use it gently for about thirty seconds until all large stains disappear. You can also go over smaller areas with steel wool which will help remove residue buildup even better than before!

Just be careful not to press too hard against the surface, so you don’t damage its appearance in the process. If possible, try to remove large rust particles using a wire brush which you can get from your local hardware store.

Step Six: Use Aluminum Polish for Shiny Surface Again!

If after cleaning out the surface of your aluminum table saw top with sandpaper, there are still some small or stubborn stains left behind. It is time to use aluminum polish again.

Simply pour this onto an old rag and rub gently on any remaining spots until they become uniform in appearance once more. This will help ensure that the entire surface looks shiny and new before being put back into storage or carrying around during jobs!

If not done properly, you may be doing this process several times, so consider practicing at home before trying it out while working on the job.

Step Seven: Use Wax to Protect Surface from Drying Out!

Since water has been used several times during the cleaning process, it may have already dried up some parts of your aluminum table saw top so now is the perfect time to use wax instead.

Apply a thin layer after polishing with aluminum polish and let dry for twenty minutes before using again on all other surfaces. You plan to get back into work immediately. Make sure not to leave any residue behind, though, as this will only attract dirt once more in no time at all!

If there are still rust particles left, consider going over them one last time, just like you did earlier. You can also try out car wax if it is available around the house.

Step Eight: Store in a Safe Place!

If you are planning to use your aluminum table, saw top again right away, then make sure to put it back into storage (away from direct sunlight or moisture). If not, consider wrapping the entire body up with several layers of plastic until there is no chance any liquid can get inside ever again.

This will ensure that rust does not form on its surface during long periods of downtime and that all cuts made by sharp blades stay safe as well (without risk of injury)! You may also want to hang this tool up somewhere so everyone knows where it should be stored at home whenever needed.

Step Nine: Use Grease to Prevent Rust from Forming on Top of Tool

Last but not least, consider using grease as a preventative measure against rust. This will help ensure that any particles which may have started to form after cleaning are quickly carried away, so you do not see them again in the future!

You can also spray this onto all blades that cut through metal frequently if there is ever an accident and become blunt or start sticking due to corrosion afterward. Just make sure it doesn’t drip into your aluminum table saw top afterward by giving everything around enough time to dry up first before returning tools back into use!

You can check this video for more details:


Now that you know how to clean the aluminum table saw top, you should be able to safely store the machine away with no worry of rust forming on its surface or blades any time soon.

Remember that not all stains are removed using sandpaper so if there is still some stubborn damage, consider trying out car wax instead! This will help ensure that metal surfaces stay shiny and new for as long as possible while also protecting them from moisture at the same time too.

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