How to Cut a Hole in Wood Without a Drill: 6 Clever Ways

How to Cut a Hole in Wood Without a Drill

Do you need to cut a hole in wood but don’t have a drill? This is common. You can use some basic tools and materials to create your own “drill” and get the job done. This blog post will show you how to cut holes in wood without a drill using six different methods!

How to Cut a Hole in Wood Without a Drill

Below are the best methods to cut a hole in wood without using a drill.

Method 1: Using Jigsaw With Metal Blades

You can use a jigsaw with metal blades to cut a hole in wood. Hold the blade perpendicular and start cutting from one side of the board.

Method 2: Use Circular Saw To Cut A Hole In Wood

A circular saw is another good tool for making a clean-cut hole in your plywood boards. For this, you will need to make two holes on the plywood board. The hole should be smaller than your saw blade diameter, which you will use to cut a bigger circle in the wood.

Method 3: Using Dremel Tool To Cut A Hole In Wood

Dremel tool is another option to cut a hole in wood. Use the drill bit and make sure it fits your board. You can do this by drilling a small pilot hole through the center of where you want your circle. Then, use the multi-purpose cutting wheel accessory to carve out the area of wood.

Method 4: Carving Holes Using Chisels & Hammer Method

Another way of making a hole in wood is carving out large chunks using the chisel and hammer method (a technique known as riving). This is the most efficient method to cut a hole in wood without any mess.

Method 5: Drill A Rectangular Hole In Wood With Forstner Bit

You can also drill rectangular holes with Forstner bits. To do this, make sure you have fixed your board firmly on a table or workbench before starting off.

Start drilling at one corner of the wooden piece and keep going until it’s deep enough to fit your desired shape. Do not apply too much pressure when using these types of drill bits as they may lead to vibrations that affect its accuracy!

Method 6: U-Shaped Hole In Wood With Router

You can also cut a hole in wood using the router. To do this, attach it to your router table or stand and then place the board on top of that. Then select the bit you want to cut out holes from its collection before starting with the routing process. Just make sure the size of the opening is large enough for your needs!

Safety Precautions When Cutting Holes

Before cutting any hole in the wood, make sure you have fixed it firmly on a table or workbench. Keep your face, hands, and fingers away from the saw blade while working to prevent injuries! Also, do not forget to wear safety glasses when drilling holes with an electric drill.

For circular saws use only straight teeth blades for making clean cuts without damaging plywood boards. You can also choose a jigsaw instead of this power tool if you want smooth edges around holes cut into wood pieces.

Moreover, wear pro-ear plugs to avoid loss of hearing when working with these tools. If you are planning to cut holes in the wood using a router, then use its depth gauge before starting off. Otherwise, it may lead to injury or damage to your board’s surface.

Also, wear gloves to protect your hands. If you are using metal bits while drilling holes in wood, then ensure that they fit perfectly into the chuck of your electric drill. Make sure these bits have sharp cutting edges before starting off with the process!

These are some of the best ways to cut a hole in wood without using any drill. However, take extra care while drilling and cutting holes as you may end up damaging your board’s surface or even cause injuries! If you are interested, you can also read our blogs about the different uses of core drills and how to drill a curved hole in wood.



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