How to Cut Extruded Aluminum: 7 Amazing Steps

How to Cut Extruded Aluminum

While there are so many benefits to using this type of metal for your projects, how do you cut it? Well luckily for you, we’re going to show you seven steps on how to cut extruded aluminum with ease!

Extruded aluminum is a lightweight, relatively strong metal that can be extruded into many shapes. It’s also used in the manufacture of aircraft, which makes sense if you think about it-it’s an incredibly versatile material!

How to Cut Extruded Aluminum

Step 1: Get the right tools

Buy a band saw. They’re relatively cheap and will make this job much easier for you. You can easily find one online at Amazon or eBay that costs less than $100 but try your local hardware store or home improvement center if you don’t want to wait (or pay extra).

Why do we specifically recommend an electric power band saw? Mainly because they are safer with the right uses since there is no danger of sparks inside which could ignite flammable material in the garage/shop where you work with aluminum extruded profiles.

Make sure that whatever tool you choose has blades designed for curved cuts as well as straight lines – both have their place here depending on what shape profile ends up coming out of your CNC machine!

Step 2: Set up the saw

Again, depending on what brand and model of band saw you purchased, this step will vary slightly. But in general you’ll want to adjust the blade guide post so that it’s just touching the aluminum extrusion when the blade is at its lowest point.

You can then tighten down the screw that holds it in place. Once that’s done, raise the blade all the way up and measure from the table to the top of the blade – you’ll need this measurement for later.

Step 3: Cut the ends off

The first step in cutting the profile is to cut the ends off. Place the aluminum extrusion so that it’s resting on the table with one end hanging over and use your measurements from Step Two to mark where you need to make your cuts. Be very careful not to let go of the material as you’re cutting – it’s easy for it to fly out from under the blade and cause a nasty injury!

Step 4: Cut along the sides

Now, making sure that both pieces are still securely fastened, slowly lower the blade until it just touches (but doesn’t cut into) the aluminum extrusion on either side.

Again using your measurements from Step Two, mark where you need to make your cuts. Once you’ve made your marks, raise the blade and remove both pieces from the saw.

Step 5: Cut the middle section

Now place the aluminum extrusion back on the table so that it’s resting on its original end and hang the other end off of the side. Make sure that it’s still securely fastened! This time, cut along the marked lines to divide the profile into three equal sections.

Step 6: Cut out the shape you need

Remove one of the sections (you don’t need all three) and place it so that it’s lying flat on the table with one end hanging over. You should now be able to see clearly where you need to make your cuts in order to create your desired shape. Again, take your time and avoid letting go of the material.

Step 7: Clean up the edges

Finally, use a file or sandpaper to clean up any rough edges on your newly cut profile. Congratulations – you’ve just learned how to cut extruded aluminum like a pro!

Using a band saw to cut extruded aluminum is a quick and easy way to get the job done. Make sure you have the right tools, set them up correctly, and take your time when making your cuts. You’ll be able to create any shape you need with ease!

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