How To Get Stuck Bit Out Of Impact Driver: 5 Best Ways

How To Get Stuck Bit Out Of Impact Driver

The impact driver is one of the handiest tools in any DIYer’s toolbox, but it can be a little tricky to use.

If you find yourself struggling with how to get a stuck bit out of impact driver, or if you’re not sure what that means. Then this blog post will help! We’ll cover five ways that are often successful at getting bits unstuck from an impact driver.

5 Ways On How To Get Stuck Bit Out Of Impact Driver

Using a Hammer

One way to get the stuck bit out of your impact driver is by using a hammer. This can be very effective, but you need to make sure that you don’t damage the work surface or yourself in any way.

Make sure that there aren’t any bystanders and position yourself so as not to hit anything other than what it is intended for. Hold down on the head of your impact driver with one hand while tapping lightly with another until all movement stops. If this doesn’t work then try method two below:

Using an Impact Driver Bit Holder

You will need an impact driver bit holder to do this. When using the hammer method above, it is important that you don’t damage or lose your bits, so it might be worth considering buying one of these if you are going to use a hammer often.

This tool works in the same way but without damaging anything and also helps with other problems caused by damaged bits such as slipping off screws due to rounded heads etc..

Using Vise Grips

A third option for getting stuck bits out of an impact driver is using vise grips, although they may not work for all types of screwdrivers (it depends on what material they are made from).

However, most major brands make them means there’s probably something on the market that will suit you. If not, then an alternative is to use a pair of channel lock pliers (which do work on all types), but they are bigger and bulkier than vise grips which means it can be tricky if your space is tight or you need to hold onto something else at the same time.

Using A Drill

If none of these options works, then there’s always plan B – using another electric drill! Make sure this has variable speed settings otherwise it might damage any bits stuck inside your impact driver.

It’s best to make sure that both drills aren’t too powerful as well by turning them down, so only very light pressure is required for each bit or screw turn. Then simply attach the drill to your bit or screw and carefully turn until it starts to come loose. This method is probably best suited for bigger bits but can also work with smaller ones too, although it might take a little longer than others.

Using A Separate Screw Extractor Set

Last but not least, you could always use separate screw extractor sets which are specifically designed t remove broken bolts by gripping them tightly allowing much more torque to be used when removing these types of screws compared to standard screwdriver bits.

These do tend to cost quite a lot, though, so if you’re price conscious, then maybe look at option one above first as they’re cheaper! If all else fails, call in an expert because they have lots of tools that might be able to help you out.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Use The Right Screwdriver Bit?

If you do not use the right screwdriver bit, there is a very good chance it will break. If this happens inside your impact driver and won’t come out no matter what you try to do with it, we would recommend calling in an expert as they have special tools that might help you out.

Other problems that can occur if a bit is damaged are slipping off screws due to rounded heads, bits not fitting properly, and needing more effort than normal, which could also damage your impact driver over time too.

There are several different ways on how to get stuck bits out of an impact driver, but these are our top five. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and always keep your hands safe at all times!

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