How to Install Bike Pedals Without a Wrench: The Easy Guide

How to Install Bike Pedals Without a Wrench

Bike pedals are a necessary part of any bike. They allow the rider to push on the pedal and move forward with force from their legs.

When installing new bike pedals, it can be difficult to find a wrench that fits the nut for tightening them down. This guide will show you how to install bike pedals without a wrench!

4 Easy Steps: How to Install Bike Pedals Without a Wrench

It is easy to learn how to install bike pedals without a wrench with these simple steps. Here are five of them:

Step #01 – Prepare the Pedals and Shim Nuts

Make sure that you have the right pedals for your bike. After that, remove the old pedal and clean out any rust or dirt that might prevent installing a new one.

Step #02 – Put in Shim Nuts

After applying grease to the threads on each side of both sides of shim nuts, slide them into place so they are even with either side of bike axle. This is a crucial step because it will determine if your new pedals can be installed properly; make sure not to tighten too much since installing the next steps could cause trouble.

Step #03 – Tighten Your Pedals Securely

Make sure that there’s no movement between shoes and spindles while pedaling by tightening up all bolts securely but do not go overboard. The last thing you want is for your pedal to fall off while riding it!

Step #04 – Check Your Work

Finally, check that the pedals are tight enough and re-check all bolts again before riding. If everything looks fine, then enjoy your ride!

Common Reasons Why You Might Not Be Able To Install Bike Pedals Without a Wrench

Even though it is easy to learn how to install bike pedals without a wrench, there are some cases when the job might not be so simple. Here are just two of them:

Your Crank Arms May Not Release

If you have tried all sorts of tricks with no luck, your crank arms may be corroded or damaged, which prevents their release from the frame. You can try using penetrating oil on threads, but if that does not work for you either, maybe it’s time to get a new set of cranks?   

The Threads on Your Axle May Be Too Rusted or Corroded

Unfortunately, if this is the case for your bike axle, there’s no way to install new pedals without getting rid of rust and corrosion. Before installing your new pedal set, you will need a wire brush, penetrating oil, old rag, or paper towel to clean out threads properly.

Preventing and Fixing Common Problems

It’s best to prevent any problems before they start. This means that you should clean your bike of rust or dirt regularly, especially after riding in wet weather conditions. Also, ensure that grease is applied every time you install new pedals on the thread side of each pedal spindle (check the manual for specific details).

If everything looks good, then enjoy your ride! Check our latest post about how to clean sockets and wrenches and remove pedals without pedal wrenches to learn more.



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