How to Measure the Size of a Drill Bit: Does it Matter?

How to Measure the Size of a Drill Bit

Why do you need to measure the size of drill bits? Measuring a drill bit can seem like a daunting task. You may not know where to start, how to do it, or what the measurements mean when you’re done.

In this post, we will cover everything from how to measure the size of a drill bit, and we’ll also talk about why measuring is important and how it can help with your decision-making process before you buy any type of drill bit!

Why Do You Need To Measure The Size Of Drill Bits?

There are many reasons you should consider measuring the size of a drill bit before purchasing them. The main reason is to make sure you are getting the right drill bit for your specific project.

For example, if you were using a power drill with an 11/64″ drill bit and wanted to use it on wood, there’s a good chance that will not work because most drills have different size bits they can handle.

If you only measure the size of one particular type of drill before purchasing, you might buy something that won’t work properly and potentially damage your equipment.

If you’re looking into more heavy-duty or larger-sized pieces, then measuring becomes even more important! Most people don’t know how big their hole should be, but this information is necessary in order to complete any job successfully.

That being said, let’s take a look at how to measure drill bits and what these measurements mean in order for you to get the most accurate results!

How To Measure The Size Of A Drill Bit?

There are three different types of measuring tools that can help when it comes time to find out exactly what size your drill bit is.

First, we’ll take a look at using an adjustable wrench as this has been one of the more common ways people have done things in the past. However, there are also two other options like digital calipers and micrometers, which usually give much better accuracy (and they’re fairly easy to use).

An Adjustable Wrench

The first tool we will go over is using an adjustable wrench because this method does not require any extra tools. If you have an adjustable wrench laying around the house, then this might be your best bet!

This method is very easy to do and can make measuring drill bits a lot easier when it comes time for purchase or if you want to find out what size your bit currently is. This works by placing one of the jaws on either side of where the numbers are printed on the drill bit itself.

Then, tighten down until they stop touching, which should give you a pretty accurate measurement without having to take more steps! Keep in mind that there could still be some variation, but most people don’t use any other tools besides their eyes, so these measurements will likely not change much between different brands.

Digital Calipers

Another accurate and easy way to measure drill bits is by using digital calipers. You can find these at just about any hardware store, or you might even have one yourself! It’s a very valuable tool for anyone who works with tools, especially if they measure drill bits, as it gives incredibly precise results.

To use this method simply place the jaws of your digital caliper on either side of where the numbers are printed on the drill bit (similar to how it works with an adjustable wrench).

Then, make sure you have your digital caliper set to be in millimeters, and once you take a measurement, all of the pertinent information about that particular piece will show up on your screen.


This is the most accurate way to measure your drill, but it can be pretty cumbersome if you don’t have one. Micrometers are used in every industry, so there’s a good chance that someone at home might already own this tool!

It works by placing it on either side where the numbers are printed and then adjusting how far apart these two points need to be based on what size you’re measuring for.

Once you get this setup, simply take note of how close together or wide apart they currently are, which will give you an exact measurement when using incremental measurements like “inches” or “millimeters.” You want to make sure not to adjust them until both sides match up exactly, though because otherwise, your results could be skewed!


With these options, measuring drill bits has never been easier! All you really need is an adjustable wrench and some digital calipers or a micrometer that most people already own themselves!

Now that we’ve gone over how to do it all on your own, you can also look at how to drill through the foundation wall if you’re looking for a more in-depth guide on getting started with your DIY project.



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