How to Remove a Water Heater Element Without Element Wrench

How to Remove a Water Heater Element Without Element Wrench

There are many tools that can be used to remove a water heater element, but the most common one is an element wrench.

If you don’t have one of these handy, it doesn’t mean your hands are tied! In this blog post, we will go over how to remove a water heater element without element wrench and what other options you have for removing it.

4 Easy Steps: How to Remove a Water Heater Element Without Element Wrench

If you already know how to tighten axle nuts without a torque wrench, then it is time to learn how to remove the water heater elements without an element wrench.

First Step: Check the Water Heater

Before you grab your tools to remove a water heater element, check that there isn’t already something wrong with it. If you have a look at the water heater and notice that it is leaking or there seems to be some rust, you should contact your local plumber. These issues could cause further damage if not taken care of immediately.

Second Step: Grab Your Tools

Now that we know everything is working well with our water heater element, let’s start removing it! You’ll want to find yourself an adjustable wrench that will allow for small and large hands when grabbing the handle. Alternatively, you can use two adjustable wrenches instead of one in case one hand struggles to exert enough pressure on the handle while holding down the lid knob.

Third Step: Loosen & Remove Element

Once you’re ready, grab onto your new best friend (the wrench), tighten it around the water heater element. When you’re comfortable with the amount of pressure applied, turn your wrench to loosen and remove the water heater element from its place.

Finally Step: Put New Element In

Once you’ve successfully removed an old element without a tool, put in your new one by following these steps backward! Make sure everything is tightened adequately so there are no leaks or anything else that could cause problems down the line.

Other Options You Can Try for Removal

If you do not have an adjustable wrench, there are other options that can be helpful for removing a water heater element.

One of these is using two-channel locks instead. Just like the wrenches, place them over your lid and turn until it comes loose! If you don’t own any tools or would prefer to save yourself some money by purchasing less equipment, try asking if one of your friends has the right tool(s) to lend to you for this quick fix. It never hurts to ask!

Another option could be pliers but they aren’t as efficient as channel locks or wrench. This process might take longer than just grabbing whatever’s closest in reach so keep that in mind before trying out this method.

The last option you could try is a pair of vise-grips which can be found at any hardware store. This tool might not work as well as the other two, but it’s definitely worth a shot before purchasing anything!

These pliers are made for gripping and holding objects tightly without sliding around or causing damage to what you’re trying to hold on to. So if you need help from this blog post, grab those pliers and see how they do with your water heater element!

When attempting these methods yourself, always use caution, so nothing bad happens along the way.

As long as everything goes smoothly, there should be no issues whatsoever! We hope that we have helped give insight into how easy removing a water heater element really is. You can also check out our post on how to clean your sockets and wrenches for more tips and tricks!



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