How to Reset a Sawstop Table Saw

how to reset a sawstop table saw

The SawStop table saw is made with the latest technology to ensure that you can cut through any material without worrying about getting hurt. 

However, sometimes there are accidents, and it’s important to be able to reset your blade so you can continue working safely. This blog post will show you how to do just that! We will go over how to reset a SawStop table saw and get it back into good working condition.

How Do You Use a SawStop Table Saw?

SawStop table saws have a very simple interface. If you want to turn the machine on, just flip a switch and hold down the activation button until your blade is up-to-speed. It’ll let out an audible alert when it turns on that will sound only once every time you hit the power button.

It won’t sound again until you turn it off and then on again. The machine will instantly stop if a finger gets too close to the blade, just like SawStop always does. It’ll also trigger its internal brake so that any time your hand goes near the blade after this initial cut, it won’t have enough power to cause injury.

How to Reset a Sawstop Table Saw

To do this, there are certain steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Turn the switch off

After this turn, the saw unplugged. If it is plugged in, you should not start this process until it’s unplugged and turned off completely.

Step 2: Wait at least five minutes after the saw is unplugged.

This will prevent the capacitor from sparking and possibly exploding, which could damage your unit or even yourself.

Step 3: Place a large screwdriver on the green reset button.

This will allow you to push it in and hold it when you turn your saw back on.

Step 4: Once again, set a screwdriver across the black power switch while turning on the machine. 

Do not let go of this until after you see that all of the lights are on.

Step 5: If the anti-kickback pawls or blade guard were tripped during a cut, reset them before shutting down your saw for the last time.

Make sure these components are working properly once again by pushing them back into their original position or resetting any other safety mechanisms that may have been triggered.

Step 6: Turn off your saw and unplug it.

Plug in the machine once again after waiting at least five minutes to allow the capacitor to recharge. Then turn on your machine and continue using it like you did before any of this happened!    

What do I do if the Sawstop table saw won’t start?

If your Sawstop is not starting, consider a few possibilities before you call customer service.

  1. Make sure the Sawstop is plugged into a working outlet.
  2. Check that the table saw switch is turned on and in the correct position for operation (the blade should be up).
  3. Ensure there are no obstructions between the power cord connection at the back of the cabinet or under/behind your table saw.
  4. If the Sawstop is plugged into a power strip, make sure that it’s turned on. Also, check that your saw blade is not touching anything while your table saw is running (it should be up).
  5. Finally, if there are no obstructions and you’ve double-checked all of these things, it is time to ask a pro.


Once you have followed all of these steps, your Sawstop table saw should be back to normal.  Always make sure that the blade is up before starting it up again. Keep safety precautions in mind when you are using your table saw. If there is anything that causes the blade to stop or could cause an injury, make sure to take care of it before trying the machine again!

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