How to Rifle a PVC Pipe: A 4 Simple Steps

How to Rifle a PVC Pipe

The need to rifle a PVC pipe can come up in many different situations. Maybe you want to replace the piping for your shower, or maybe you are doing some plumbing work and need to cut an old pipe off.

Whatever the case may be, it is important that you know how to do this properly so that it does not leak all over your home or business! In this blog post, we will show you how easy it is with these 4 steps!

How to Rifle a PVC Pipe

With the 4 steps below you can rifle a PVC pipe in under 30 minutes.

Step 1: Cut the PVC Pipe

The first step is to cut your PVC pipe. Using a hacksaw, slice through the side of the pipe at one end so that you are able to push it out. You can then slide this piece off and discard it or save it for another use if desired.

Step 2: Drill Out the Inner Wall of the PVC Pipe

Next, you will want to drill out the inside wall of your pipe. This is done by attaching a drill bit at one end and using it as an oversized twist tie. This gets very messy, so I recommend wearing gloves if possible.

Alternatively, special tools for this purpose work better than drills but cost more money. Once complete, slide that piece off as well and discard or save it for another use.

Repeat these steps until all four sides have been drilled. You should now be left with nothing but the air in your tube! At this point, you can choose to discard the tube or continue to step three.

Step 3: Insert Your Rifle into the Tube

This is perhaps one of the most exciting parts! Once you have your rifle safely inside, take both ends and slide them back together (the same way they came apart). You should now be left with a full-length gun that looks like it was never opened in the first place.

To complete this project, simply reattach your end caps or use electrical tape if no cap is available for purchase/use. If any paint has chipped off during steps two and three, please feel free to touch up as needed before assembling everything again for storage purposes.

Step 4: Store Your Rifle for Future Use!

Finally, you can store your rifle away until the next time it is needed. This weapon will appear to be factory-built and in perfect condition no matter when or where an inspection takes place.

If done correctly, this shift PVC pipe gun should pass any test during routine searches at schools, airports, government buildings, courthouses, etc.

Keep in mind that some areas may have specific rules regarding transporting firearms, so please research before attempting to transport any homemade guns into these locations if they are not permitted by law already.

With these steps, you can now rifle a PVC pipe in under 30 minutes! You can also check our post about connecting PPR pipe to PVC pipe and installing S trap toilet pan.



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