How to Split Wood with a Wedge and Sledge Hammer: 4 Easy Steps

How to Split Wood with a Wedge and Sledge Hammer

A lot of people don’t know how to split wood. If you’re reading this, then we can assume that you do not either!

Thankfully, it’s a pretty straightforward process, and all it takes is a sledge hammer and wedge (and some patience). In this blog post, we’ll show you the four steps on how to split wood with a wedge and sledge hammer.

How to Split Wood with a Wedge and Sledge Hammer?

By following the below steps, you can split wood with a wedge and sledge hammer easily and quickly.

Step 1

Prepare your wood by splitting it into smaller pieces with a wedge and sledge hammer.

Step 2

Place the larger piece of wood on top of two shorter, thinner pieces of split logs. This will make it sturdy enough to hold the weight when you are splitting the log with a wedge or sledgehammer.

Step 3

Stand up straight over your woodpile and place one leg in front of the other for good balance.

Step 4

Place the wedge into your split wood and place the sledgehammer over it. Make sure that you hold both tools firmly in place before swinging them down to split your wood. Swing hard enough so that the splitting blade of the sledge hammer goes deep into your log, but not too much so as to break or damage either tool.

Repeat on all four sides until you have cut through completely. Then pick up any smaller pieces of broken-off logs with a hand saw and add them back onto your pile for more efficient burning later on! You can then carry away what is left behind once it has dried out enough.

Is splitting wood with a wedge and sledge hammer dangerous?

Splitting wood should always be carried out carefully, taking into account the weight of both tools. You can protect your hands by wearing work gloves while swinging either tool down on top of the log to split it in half. Make sure you are using sharp wedges so that they cut smoothly through any wet or damp logs without getting stuck halfway through.

Can you use anything instead of a sledgehammer?

A maul is another great way to split wood if you do not have access to this type of heavy-duty equipment at home or on-site where you are working! Try placing some kindling inside your split piece before hitting downwards onto it for best results.

How long will it take you to split wood with a wedge and sledge hammer?

It is important that you know how hard the wood is before splitting your logs into smaller pieces! The denser or harder they are, the longer it may take for them to be broken in half by either tool. However, if done correctly with enough force behind each swing, splitting wood should only take around ten minutes per log on average.

Wedge and sledgehammers have many uses. We hope you have found this article useful on splitting wood with a wedge and sledgehammer.



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