How to Spot Fake DeWalt Tools: 6 Things To Spot

How to Spot Fake DeWalt Tools

It is important to know how to spot fake Dewalt tools. If you don’t, then you may end up with a low-quality tool that breaks the first time you use it. That’s not good for anyone! In this blog post, we are going to discuss six ways that will help you spot fake Dewalt tools before they become an issue for your business.

How to Spot Fake DeWalt Tools

1. Check for misspellings on the packaging or tool.

Sometimes a misspelling on a tool is simply a fluke, but other times it’s an indication that the product was made by someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing.

Moreover, look at the instructions provided on the packaging. If they are blurry or difficult to read, this is another sign that you may not be getting what you’re paying for.

2. Look at all the parts of a DeWalt tool carefully before buying one.

Bolts, screws and pins should all fit perfectly into their corresponding holes; if they don’t it’s likely because someone who didn’t know how to properly construct them was in charge of putting everything together.

Also, note where these components come from (i.e., China versus North America). For example, if your new drill bit set comes with bolts made in Asia but screws designed in the USA, it’s likely a fake.

3. Compare prices between different authorized DeWalt dealers.

If you’re looking to buy a new tool and want to be sure you’re getting the best deal, compare prices between authorized DeWalt dealers. Oftentimes, cheaper prices may mean that you’re buying a counterfeit product.

4. Examine the weight of the tool.

Counterfeit tools are often made from cheap materials, resulting in them being much lighter than their genuine counterparts. If the tool feels flimsy or unsubstantial when you hold it, this is usually an indication that it’s not real.

5. Beware of deals that seem too good to be true.

Deals that seem “too good to be true” are just that. If an authorized retailer is offering a tool for much less than its retail price, it’s likely because they’re trying to get rid of old stock or have found themselves with too many tools in their inventory.

6. Be suspicious if the tool has a “made in China” label.

If your new drill bit set comes with an instruction manual that says it was made in China, you should be suspicious right away. That’s because genuine DeWalt tools are manufactured overseas but have no country of origin labels on them at all.

Remember, if the deal sounds amazing, you may ask yourself why someone would give up such a great product below market value? Perhaps there’s something wrong with the tool, which motivated them to offer it so cheaply.

Now that you know how to spot fake Dewalt tools, feel free to use our helpful tips above when shopping for new equipment! We hope this blog post helps save you money and frustration while making sure that your business receives high quality products every time.

What To Do When You Bought a Fake

If you’ve just realized that you bought a fake DeWalt tool, don’t panic. There are several things you can do:

  • Contact the seller to return it and ask for your money back
  • Replicate its model number in order to find an authorized retailer who sells the genuine item
  • Report counterfeiting activities to authorities
  • Contact local law enforcement agencies if counterfeiters attempt to sell their products on open markets or at flea markets.

The bottom line…When buying new tools, always be sure they come from reputable dealers with extensive warranties against defects and flaws. If possible, buy used items only through sites like Craigslist where there is third-party protection available should anything go wrong. Remember – some deals sound too good to be true because they are!

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