How to Tighten Stainless Steel Cable Ties: 7 Helpful Ways To Do It!

How to Tighten Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Cable ties are often used for securing wires, cables, and other loose objects. They can be made of stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion. Loose cable ties can be dangerous because they can come undone at any time. This blog post discusses 7 helpful tips on how to tighten stainless steel cable ties and get the best results.

How to Tighten Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Way 1: Use a Cable Tie Tightener

Cable tie tighteners are used to tighten cable ties by hand. They work similarly to the way that you would use an Allen wrench on hex nuts, but instead they turn in order to tighten or loosen your stainless steel cable ties.

You can purchase these online for just $20-25 and it will pay itself off very quickly when compared with purchasing new ones each time. This is probably something that most people don’t know about until someone tells them!

Way 2: Use Pliers

Another handy DIY tip is using pliers if you find yourself without anything else around at home or work. Most companies have wire cutters lying around from manufacturing breakages so keep those eyes peeled! Try tightening up your stainless steel cable ties by using the pliers that you have on hand.

Way 3: Use a Screwdriver

If all else fails it’s also possible to use a screwdriver, but be careful not to scratch up your cable ties or they won’t work as well! You’ll want to grip them firmly at the base where it meets with the head so that you can twist them around until they are sufficiently tight.

Way 4: Use Your Feet

Yes, this is actually an option and will probably result in one of two things- either tightening up your stainless steel cable ties or breaking both shoes! If you’re wearing boots, try standing on top of another pair facing downwards first because it’s less likely that these will break under pressure than a standard heel or pump.

Way 5: Use a Hammer

This is the last resort and should only be used if you have absolutely no other tools to hand! Grip your stainless steel cable ties at each end and hit them with a hammer until they are tightened – but be careful not to damage the product. This could result in it breaking when you go to use it again in the future.

Way 6: Use a Knife

If there’s nothing else around, then using a knife is better than doing nothing at all. Slice through the middle of your stainless steel cable tie by placing the blade on top and pushing it down so that it cuts evenly. Once it’s cut, try twisting it off like you would a lid from a jar.

Way 7: Make Your Own Cable Tie Tightener!

Last but not least, you can make your own cable tie tighteners for next to nothing- all it takes is a few materials that are lying around the house and voilà – there’s one of these nifty tools ready to use whenever you need it!

You’ll probably want to try this method out on any old stainless steel cable ties before using them again because they may break if too much pressure is applied or they’ve become weakened over time (especially with regular exposure to sunlight).

All you have to do is take an empty plastic bottle, cut off its bottom third section, then slice down the middle vertically so that both parts will lie evenly across each other when placed back together. The two halves should now have a cable tie in the middle- all you need to do is grip it and twist!

So there you have it! Seven different ways of tightening stainless steel cable ties! Which one will work best for you? It really depends on what’s available to you and how much time/effort you’re willing to put into it! No matter which way you go, just remember that safety comes first so be careful not to injure yourself in the process. Happy tightening! 🙂

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