How to Winterize Outside Hose: 8 Best Tips For Hose Protection

How to Winterize Outside Hose

Winter is coming and it’s time to winterize your outside hose. How does one do this? When the cold and snow start to arrive, it is important to winterize outside hose.

This will help protect your home from freezing water, which can lead to serious damage. Below are 8 tips that you should take in order to properly prepare for winter!

8 Tips on How to Winterize Outside Hose

1. Disconnect hose from spigot and drain water

When you are trying to avoid winterizing the outside hose, you will need to disconnect it from the spigot. Make sure that all of the water is drained out of your hose before storing it for the winter months.

2. Buy a quality hose cover

When you are looking to protect your hose from cold weather, it is important to buy a quality hose cover. This will help keep the water in your hose from freezing and also prevent any damage to your hose.

3. Coil your hose properly

Coiling your hose improperly can lead to cracking and other damage. Make sure that you coil your hose correctly so that it is stored safely for the winter months.

4. Put insulation around spigot

If you have an outdoor spigot, it is important to put some insulation around it to protect it from the cold weather. This will help ensure that your spigot stays in good condition all winter long.

5. Store hoses in a dry place

When you are storing your hoses for winter, make sure that you store them in a dry place. This will help to prevent any damage to your hose from occurring.

6. Use a heat gun

If you want to be extra careful with your hose, you can use a heat gun to warm it up before coiling it. This will help keep the water from freezing and cracking your hose.

7. Put Vaseline on faucet threads

Another way to protect your outdoor spigot is by putting Vaseline on the faucet threads. This will help keep them lubricated and free from corrosion during the winter months.

8. Add an anti-freeze product to hose end

If you want to make sure that your hose stays free from ice, you can add an anti-freeze product to the end of it. This will help keep the water in your hose from freezing and causing any damage.

Why You Need To Winterize Your Hose?

1. To Prevent Frozen Hoses

One of the main reason why people winterize their outside hoses is to prevent them from freezing.

2. To Protect Hoses From Freezing Weather Damage

Freeze damage can cause your outdoor hoses and pipes to crack, burst, or split open, resulting in a huge water leak that will require immediate attention. This may cost you thousands of dollars for damages caused by the frozen pipe or hose.

3. To Extend The Life Of Your Hoses

Frozen hoses can also cause the hose to become brittle and crack, which will lead to an early replacement. By winterizing your hose, you can prevent it from freezing and extend its life by years.

4. To Keep Water Flowing In Extreme Weather Conditions

In some cases, such as extremely cold weather conditions, water may still flow through the pipes even if the faucet is turned off. This is due to a process called “backflow”. If the water in the pipes freeze, it could cause them to burst open and flood your property. Winterizing your hose can help keep this from happening.

5. To Avoid Messy Cleanups After Freezing Weather

After a winter storm, you will often find broken water pipes and hoses all over your property. This can be a huge hassle to clean up. By winterizing your hose, you can avoid this problem altogether.

6. To Avoid Standing Water In Your Yard

During the winter, melting snow and ice can cause your yard to become flooded with stagnant water. This is not only unsightly, but it can also be dangerous as it can lead to mosquitoes breeding grounds. Winterizing your hose can help get rid of this issue.

7. To Prevent Mold Growth

Water that sits in stagnant puddles for an extended period of time is the perfect place for mold to grow. only is mold unhealthy, but it can also damage your property. Winterizing your hose can help prevent this from happening.

8. To Save Money On Your Water Bill

If you have an outdoor hose that is not winterized, you could be wasting water and money. You can save yourself some money on your monthly water bill by properly winterizing your hose.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should winterize your outside hose. Follow these simple tips and you can rest assured that your hoses will be safe from the damaging effects of the cold weather.

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