9 Best Welding Helmets Under $100: Which One is Right For You?

welding helmets under $100
ImageProductRating  Price
backpacLincoln Electric Welding Helmet4.7/5Check Price
backpacYESWELDER True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet4.6/5Check Price
backpacJSungo Welding Helmet4.6/5Check Price
backpacMonster & Master Large Viewing Screen Auto Darkening Welding Helmet4.6/5Check Price
backpacAntra Auto Darkening Welding Helmet4.6/5Check Price
backpacTOOLIOM True Color Welding Helmet4.6/5Check Price
backpacSellstrom Welding Helmet4.6/5Checak Price
backpacHZXVOGEN Auto Darkening Welding Helmet4.5/5Check Price
backpacTekware Large Viewing Screen Welding Helme4.5/5Check Price

How important is your head? It’s the only one you have, so it should be pretty darn important. With that in mind, how much would you like to spend on a welding helmet? 

If you’re looking for something under $100, the selection can start to seem limited and confusing! This blog post will compare 9 of the best welding helmets under $100 and help break down some of their features based on your needs..

Why You Need A Welding Helmet?

A welding helmet is your first line of defense when you’re doing any kind of welding. Welding helmets are designed to help protect the face and eyes from intense light, ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, and other harmful elements that can be present during a welding process.

If you’ve never worn a proper welding helmet before, trust us on this one, you will feel naked without it. It’s not just about the burn to your skin or eyes, but also being able to see properly in the future is another good reason for using one!

Best Welding Helmets Under $100: Top Picks

When you’re looking at welding helmets under $100 it can be hard to determine what is good quality and which ones are going to fit your needs.

We’ve done some research on our own and have come up with some of our top picks for your convenience. We’ve broken down the features, pros & cons of every helmet, and some additional information about each welding helmet under $100 to help you make your decision.

Let’s take a look at each option in more detail:

1. Lincoln Electric  Welding Helmet

cordlessblowerMore Details

The Lincoln Electric welding helmet is perfect for taller welders who want maximum height. It features a grind mode and lightweight shell that protects against ultraviolet rays.

For welding professionals seeking lightweight design, a reduced operating temperature, and fast switching speeds. Welders using the Lincoln Electric weld helmet can be assured that with 8A maximum amps TIG-AMP rated, even heavy-duty welding jobs can be completed safely.

  • Comfortable headgear
  • Adjustable
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Nice lens viewing

    2. YESWELDER True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

    cordlessblowerMore Details

    Do you need a welding helmet that absorbs the light making it easier to see what you’re doing? The YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is just for you! Improved clarity and visible true colors are only two of its great features. 

    This safe, auto-darkening mask not only protects your eyes from intense solar radiation it also offers comfort in the form of pivoting headgear. Increase safety with increased battery life and this premium face shield design – one size fits all! 

    You’ll be able to weld like never before with the YESWELDER True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet. Buy now!

    • Adjustable and comfortable to wear
    • Great protection from UV/IR rays
    • Excellent Performance
    • Removable forehead pad
    • Easy to Adjust
    • High-quality lenses
    • Buyers are having an issue with its shell being flimsy

    3. JSungo Welding Helmet

    cordlessblowerMore Details

    The JSungo Welding Helmet is a piece of head-gear worn to protect the welder’s face. We give it as important work equipment for welding jobs. 

    Made of zinc alloy and shatterproof resin, this outstanding product has a standard 3.66‘’×1.69‘’ clear viewing area with different angles of change that provide convenience for welders while wearing it at any time during their job on the site. 

    Aside from protecting one’s eyesight, this helmet also protects workers’ necks by keeping their heads in a stabilized position to avoid potential injury caused by lifting heavy materials or when kneeling down to complete the task accordingly.

    It is designed to protect the welder’s vision against harmful UV and infrared rays. The auto-darkening filter switches from light up to darkness in a fraction of a second, limiting dangerous exposure. 

    Electrical power for the device comes from solar panels that offer benefits for long life and support energy conservation, environmental protection, and relief of weight on your neck with an adjustable headgear comfortable enough you will forget you are wearing it at all.

    The JSungo welding helmet is made of a high-end material that will not block your sight while allowing a full range of motion for the wearer. The solar cells provide power to change the screen, and you get to choose from many different shade options, depending on your needs. 

    The auto-darkening mode adjusts according to lighting conditions, protecting your eyes while creating an enjoyable viewing experience for long periods of time.

    • Lightweight and Comfortable
    • High Quality
    • Affordable
    • Large viewing
    • Has a glow in the dark feature
    • Not dark enough
    • A little narrow

    4. Monster & Master Large Viewing Screen Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

    cordlessblowerMore Details

    This hat is a breakthrough in welding helmets. It has a large viewing size of 3.94″x3.27″, which gives you more room for sight when working and offers the protection of 4 premium sensors that have been designed to make sure your helmet doesn’t darken while not being used and prevent migraines. 

    The headgear pivots, making it easier to use and providing ample internal space to use it, will be easier on the wearer’s neck muscles.

    This product conforms to ergonomic principles with soft texture materials resistant to high/low temperatures, corrosion, light-proofing, and flame retardant properties. All meaning this hat is just what any welder has been looking for!

    This auto-darkening welding helmet is the ideal protection for nearly any welder. The liquid crystal of high quality and optical coating and a shielding ultraviolet and infrared rays 16# level of protection make sure that you have adequate eye relief no matter what kindled orb clothing metal product you are working with. 

    The original design combines an adjusting circuit that automatically transforms strong light to dark black color absorbing light 1/10000 second after it enters the lens giving your eyes ample time to recover from overexposure without compromising your ability to see.

    • Perfect for beginner and amateur
    • Easy to adjust
    • Lightweight
    • Worth the money
    • Dust sticks to the screen inside (Just need a little wipe)
    • You may find windows slightly close to the face

    5. Antra Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

    cordlessblowerMore Details

    This is a welding helmet with an adjustable filter and screen to protect you from harmful radiation. At the same time, it gives enough visibility to allow accurate use of tools (within 4-9 shades). It’s even been given the ANSI Z87.1 stamp of approval for safety.

    Featuring 4 Premium redundant arc sensors, this welding helmet will provide you with an ultra-fast and accurate tool when shielding your eyes, so they are not exposed to the brightness.

    Versatile enough for TIG and DC welding tasks, it delivers precise and quick responses as a wide range of light stimuli without false triggering.

    With new innovations, we’re always progressing to what’s next. You deserve a helmet that is hands-down easier and more comfortable than any other welding ever before. 

    Simply put on your welding helmet and adjust the shade inside until it is perfect for you! While some may consider it luxurious, to us it’s just as functional as all our other top-quality welders in the Antra lineup.

    • Easy to control
    • Large viewing
    • Excellent auto-darkening feature
    • Adjustable
    • Easy to assemble
    • Plastic seems flimsy
    • Buyers may find the headgear a little comfortable after long hours of use

    6. TOOLIOM True Color Welding Helmet 

    cordlessblowerMore Details

    This is a tool to expedite the welding process. The TOOLIOM True Color Welding Helmet delivers an HD image that locks in color and vibrancy, so you see your work like never before! 

    With an auto-darkening filter that switches from light to dark in 1/30000 seconds, the perfect shade of protective eyewear does not get interrupted by harsh lighting conditions. 

    Compatible with most welding applications and equipped with a headgear that adjusts for maximum comfortability, this innovative helmet will cut down on eye strain over time and fatigue. Stop by our store today to find out more about this amazing product. We guarantee it’ll change tackle fishing forever!

    • Affordable
    • Good for professionals and experts
    • It came with an extra battery and a bag
    • Easy to follow instructions
    • Some buyers find it thin

    7. Sellstrom Welding Helmet

    cordlessblowerMore Details

    It’s important to have the right equipment when you’re welding with a Sellstrom Welding Helmet. This lightweight helmet features nylon construction that’s both durable and comfortable. 

    You’ll also enjoy a 2-inch x 4-inch viewing area, a variable shade between four and nine, four independent auto dimming sensors for better vision. And it fits snugly over your head so you can get on with your project without trouble or distraction. 

    Whether you’re in an industrial setting, doing some home renovation work, or embarking on any other ambitious DIY projects, Sellstrom welding equipment will be there for all of your needs!

    To be at the top of your welding game and weld like a pro, you need to invest in a high-quality Sellstrom Helmet. 

    This helmet is both ANSI Z87.1-2010 compliant and CSA Z94.3 compliant with its auto-darkening filter that easily switches between ambient and dull lighting environments while offering optical clarity to enhance your control of the welder. 

    Made for more durability, the sturdy construction protects the user’s eyes and face during welding so you can stay on point without eyestrain or worries about safety equipment falling off

    • High-quality headgear and lens
    • Lightweight hood
    • Wide viewing
    • Replaceable battery
    • Replacement glass is a little bit pricey

    8. HZXVOGEN  Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

    cordlessblowerMore Details

    Ever wish you could use your favorite welding helmet for all jobs? Meet the HZXVOGEN LY800F welding helmet with four sensors that read what shade to wear based on current brightness. 

    The large viewing size of 3.93″x3.66” will allow you to enjoy a full view, even in tight spaces, which is especially important if you’re working with copper or other metals where it’s difficult to lean over and see clearly without bumping into things.

    In grind mode, an additional programmable filter prevents any debris such as sparks from getting made contact with your eye region. Something that makes this welder mask really stand out above the rest!

    With a delay time of 0.1S to 2 seconds, you can get the most protection from UV/IR with DIN9-DIN13 dark shade levels and switch times of ≤1/10000S. It’s no wonder this helmet reduces fatigue when worn for hours on end. 

    Combining very clear 1/1/1 optics as well as transparency to true color function, your work will be easily recognized and greatly improved.

    This multifunctional tool includes a durable headband that is adjustable for comfort while providing great protection from heat rays at level 16#. The best welding masks in the market are here with you now!

    • Easy to follow instructions
    • It can give you a better welding performance
    • Wider view
    • Good for grinding, TIG, Stick, and MIG welding
    • Buyers find it a little small and uncomfortable when using for long hours

    9. Tekware Large Viewing Screen Welding Helmet

    backpacMore Details

    If you’re a professional welder, Tekware has the perfect welding helmet for you. This is one of the most technologically advanced helmets on the market, and it’s definitely worth your hard-earned money. 

    With an auto-darkening filter that switches from light to dark in 1/10000 seconds, this hood will protect your welder’s eyes against harmful rays. The true color view welding hood – 1/1/1/2 optical clarity ensures that you’ll have a clear vision when out in the field or at work all day long.

    Don’t get caught looking like everyone else with a traditional welding mask. Stand out with a luminous design while protecting your face from harsh UV rays with Tekware!

    This solar-powered welder helmet is perfect for TIG, MIG, and Arc welding. It also has grind features to be used in non-welding applications. With 4 premium sensors and a highly sensitive probe, it’s the most accurate on the market. 

    At only 8 ounces, this lightweight welding hood can be worn for hours of continuous use without discomfort, making it perfect for industrial work environments where workers are exposed to hazardous fumes or other health risks to infection that metal dust can transmit, like pneumoconiosis 

    • Not too heavy
    • Comfortable
    • Removable sweatband
    • Vents really well
    • Excellent auto-darkening features
    • Buyers find the headgear flimsy

    Which Welding Helmet Should You Choose?

    There are a few key factors that all helmets have that help determine their price and quality:

    Visor Quality

    The visor is the part of your welding helmet that covers your eyes. Cheaper helmets have lower-quality, less durable visors which can start to crack or fog up much faster than higher-quality options.


    There are two main styles for welding helmets: Auto Darkening (ADF) and Passive Non-Darkening. The ADF-style helmets require power to function but are able to provide a higher level of protection, whereas Passive Non-Darkening helmets do not need any power source and can be more affordable.

    Size & Weight

    How heavy is the helmet? How big does it look on your head (i.e., will you feel like a bobblehead wearing it)? Some helmets are built to be lightweight and sleek, while others are bulkier or more durable.


    What materials is the helmet made out of? Most helmets are made from either metal alloy or plastic. Metal alloy provides more protection and durability but may be heavier depending on its composition.


    The length of the warranty is an indication of how much a manufacturer believes in their product. If you’re having any sort of issues with your helmet, it may be helpful to contact customer service and see what they can do to help!

    Price & Quality

    The last thing you want is for your helmet to break down after only a few months of use! The price of the welding helmet should directly reflect its quality. So if you find a higher-quality helmet for a lower price, that’s definitely the way to go!

    How To Use A Welding Helmet?

    When it comes to using a welding helmet, there are some key things you should remember:

    Always have your head centered in the middle of the lens. Be sure not to tilt your head up or down when looking at something; this moves your face off-center and will make it difficult for the visor to properly shield against sparks and light.

    If you’re wearing an ADF helmet, remember to keep your head as still as possible and only move your eyes; don’t turn or tilt your whole body. This can cause the sensor in the helmet to lose focus which makes it more difficult for the lens when trying to adjust itself accordingly.

    The last thing you want is a headache after a long day of welding, so make sure to keep your head in the correct position, and you should be good to go!

    How Does Auto Darkening Helmet Work?

    As the name implies, auto-darkening helmets darken when exposed to bright light. This is done by using photochromic technology and/or LCD screen, essentially changing the opacity of your lens based on what it’s looking at.

    There are two types: ADF (Active) & Passive Non-Darkening helmets. Passive Non-Darkening helmets do not use power to darken or lighten but must be turned on and off manually.

    Like the ones listed above, ADF helmets require a battery source (usually in the form of AAA batteries) that powers an LCD screen that changes how much light is allowed through your helmet’s visor depending on what you’re looking at.

    When welding, the lens can darken significantly, which reduces strain on your eyes and allows for more clarity when you’re focusing on detailed projects or objects. Once you are done welding and ready to move onto something else, simply flip the helmet up into a clear visor position and work away!

    Even though auto-darkening helmets are much more expensive than Passive Non-Darkening helmets, they provide a better level of protection and can reduce eye fatigue by up to 80%. Not only that but having an Auto Darkening Helmet makes welding easier and allows you to focus on the task at hand.

    How To Test A Welding Helmet?

    Luckily, there is a simple test you can run on any welding helmet to ensure it’s working properly! All you need for this is an old pair of sunglasses.

    If your welding helmet has a dark lens (which most do), put your sunglasses over the mask and turn them so that they are facing toward you. If everything looks normal with your welding helmet, then the problem is your glasses. 

    If everything looks dark and you can’t see through them with your sunglasses on, this means that there’s a potential issue with your welding helmet!

    If something isn’t working correctly or if it just doesn’t seem like it’s performing up to par after running our test above, contact customer service ASAP!

    Welding helmets are an essential piece of safety equipment for any welder, so it’s important to always have one that is working properly. Make sure you’re being safe and getting the most out of your welding helmet by testing it regularly and only using a high-quality option!

    How Do You Clean Your Welding Helmet?

    Cleaning your welding helmet is relatively simple, but you should always consult the manual that came with it to make sure everything is being done safely and effectively!

    Start by removing any dust or debris from your mask using a dry cloth. Once this has been completed, you can use a damp cloth with some warm water and mild soap to clean the lens. Do not submerge your helmet in any liquid, as this could damage it!

    Once everything has been cleaned off, make sure that all of the excess moisture is removed from your mask before putting it away for storage. This will help prevent rust or any other corrosion from developing over time.

    How To Store Welding Helmet

    The best way to store your welding helmet is in a cool, dry space where it won’t be exposed to dust or other debris. This will help ensure that you get the longest life out of your equipment and can prevent any unnecessary damages that may occur over time from wear-and-tear.

    It’s also helpful if you can store your helmet in a safe place where it’s unlikely to fall or get knocked over. This is because falling can lead to scratches and damages on your visor’s glass part, which may compromise its effectiveness while welding.

    Welding Helmets FAQ’s

    How do I adjust my welding helmet?

    Adjusting your welding helmet is almost exactly the same as adjusting any regular pair of glasses! All you need to do is move the earpieces until they are level with each other around your head and nose, then tighten them up using a screwdriver or some pliers.

    How do I know if my welding helmet is protecting me?

    If your mask doesn’t seem to be darkening properly, then it’s possible that there might be a potential issue with the lens itself. This can also cause you to see an extremely bright flash of light when you first activate the mask. In the event that this occurs, contact customer service ASAP!

    How do I turn on my welding helmet?

    If your welding helmet has a power button or an auto-darkening feature, then you should see it somewhere around the top of your head in front of your forehead and above where your ear would be. Just press the button or flip the switch to activate your helmet and you will see a green light appear on the lens!

    How do I take care of my welding helmet?

    Be sure to only use a high-quality option that is designed for the specific type(s) of metals you will be working with. This will help prevent any potential fires or sparks from damaging your mask and make it last as long as possible!

    Also, always clean off dust or debris that may accumulate on the lens after use and only run your helmet through a wet clean cycle once it starts to look discolored or hazy

    How do I turn off my welding helmet?

    If you have an auto-darkening option, then just press the power button again for about two seconds. If your helmet has a power button, then press it again to turn off the mask.

    How do I turn on my welding helmet?

    Press the power button to activate your mask and you will see a green light appear in front of your forehead. If you have an auto-darkening option, then just press it again for about two seconds!

    How do I adjust my welding hood?

    Bring the helmet up to your eyes and turn the head gear until you can see through it. You should be able to see clearly with both lenses. When you are ready, press down on the top of each side of the mask so that they hold in place.

    How do I clean my welding hood?

    If dust or debris has accumulated on the lens of your welding hood, then gently wipe it off with a damp cloth and some warm water. Do not submerge your helmet in any liquid!

    How do I adjust my auto-darkening welding helmets?

    There are two main types of adjustment mechanisms for an auto darkening helmet; turn knob and push button. The turn knob type is usually located on the back of your helmet, near where you would expect to see a power switch. Use this mechanism to adjust how dark or light your mask becomes when activated.

    How do I know if my welding hood has an auto-darkening option?

    Auto darkening helmets are generally preferred to standard welding masks because they offer the best protection. Auto-darkening helmets do not have a fixed shade like their more basic counterparts, so you can see clearly even when your mask is activated!

    How do I adjust my helmet?

    To adjust your helmet, just slide it up or down on your head until the earpieces are aligned with each other and tighten up by turning the screws on both sides of the mask.

    What should I do if my welding helmet does not darken?

    If your welding helmet fails to activate or seems like it is working improperly, then there might be a potential issue with the lens itself.

    This can also cause you to see an extremely bright flash of light when you first activate the mask, so contact customer service ASAP!



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