What is a Non-Plumbed Water Dispenser?

What is a Non-Plumbed Water Dispenser

What is a Non-Plumbed Water Dispenser?

A non-plumbed water dispenser is a machine that dispenses cold, filtered water without using plumbing. These machines are ideal for kitchens that don’t have access to running water or refrigerated space. They can also be used in offices and other locations where there is no need to maintain piping infrastructure.

How Do You Install A Non-Plumbed Water Dispenser?

Water dispensers are usually very easy to install. The process varies depending on the type of water dispenser you get, but it is always relatively simple.

Most non plumbed water dispensers mount into a standard bottle-cage style fridge shelf and will come with all necessary hardware for installation. If your unit doesn’t include mounting brackets, you can usually buy them at your local hardware store or online for very little money.

Non-Plumbed Water Dispenser Installation Process

The first step in installing a non plumbed water dispenser is to remove the existing shelves from the fridge compartment where it will be installed. If there are any brackets that need to be removed, do this now. If you are installing a freestanding unit, place it in the right spot and level it before mounting.

Now comes the fun part: actually getting your water dispenser installed. Most units will include detailed instructions that walk you through this process step by step. We recommend starting with step one from these instructions if they come with a different number system for steps. Just follow the directions until your machine is properly mounted to either a wall or cabinet depending on how it was designed to be used.

In most cases, there should only be one way of doing things when putting together water dispensers so don’t worry about making mistakes as long as everything looks like its supposed to after installation! Once you’ve got your new non plumbed water dispenser mounted and ready to go, you can turn the water supply back on and enjoy fresh filtered water in your kitchen!

What To Consider When Buying A Non-Plumbed Water Dispenser

Here are a few factors to consider when looking at non-plumbed water dispensers:


When buying a non-plumbed water dispenser, one must consider the number of people using it. Capacity is measured by gallons consumed per hour and should equal about 20% more than the number of people who are expected to use it.

Installation Method

There are two primary installation methods for non-plumbed water dispensers: freestanding and under-counter. A freestanding unit is easier to install, but an under-counter machine may be more aesthetically pleasing to those who will be using it.

Filtration Method

There are several different filtration methods for non-plumbed water dispensers: reverse osmosis, distillers and carbon filters only.

Reverse osmosis is the best method as it removes contaminants from both tap and well water sources. It also reduces the taste of chlorine in drinking water which makes a great option for offices that don’t have filtered or bottled options available to their employees.

Brand Reputation & Warranty

A final consideration when buying a non plumbed water machine is its brand reputation and warranty information. The better-known brands tend to offer more support than smaller companies so one should do some research before buying any product online or offline. They may even be able to arrange for installation or repairs of their non-plumbed water dispenser if problems arise.

A non plumbed water dispenser is a great solution for areas where running plumbing isn’t possible or practical. They are simple to install without major construction work needing to be done beforehand, so they make an ideal choice even if you don’t know much about home improvement projects.

If you want purified drinking water without having to worry about maintaining piping infrastructure, this type of machine might be just what you need! You might also be interested in reading our post about plumbing trim.



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