The 4 Best Mag Drill Bits: Benefits and New Products

best mag drill bits
backpacHougen Annular Cutter Magnetic Drill Bits Kit5/5Check Price
backpacAnnular Cutter Set 6 Pcs Mag Drill Bits Kit for Magnetic Drill Press4.9/5Check Price
cordlessblowerOscarbide Annular Cutter Mag Drill Bits Kit for Magnetic Drill Press4.8/5Check Price
cordlessblowerMuzerdo 13pcs 3/4 Inch Cutting Depth and Cutting Diameter for Magnetic Drill Press4.8/5Check Price

If you are looking to purchase a new drill bit, then it is important that you know what the various types of drills bits are for. 

This article will discuss the four best mag drill bits available on the market today and their benefits. Having this knowledge will help ensure that you get a product with all of your needs covered!

How Do Mag Drill Bits Work?

Mag drill bits have an internal metal tube, which is filled with magnetic material. This steel plunger is able to attract and hold the cutting surface of each bit in place when they are turned on their side or upside down.

These types of drill bits can be easily identified by the magnet attached to the tip located under where you would normally attach the drill bit head.

As you drill, the cutting surface of this type of bit will stay in place without falling off or being pushed outwards by a spring mechanism like most other types of bits. This is what makes mag drill bits so special and efficient!

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The Different Types Of Mag Drill Bits:

There are four different types of mag drill bits available on the market today, and they all have their own benefits! It is important that you know what each type does in order to ensure you get a product that will meet your needs. We will discuss what each type can be used for and the benefits of using them.

The Standard Type

This is considered to be the most common mag drill bit available on the market today, which makes it great for all-around use! It will work in almost any application you might have, including drilling through wood or sheet metal. These bits are also known to work great for drilling into masonry or concrete.

The Twist Type

This type of mag drill bit has a twist in the center that helps add stability when it is being used for more precise applications like making holes through metal sheeting and aluminum siding. People often use these bits as they help make cutting larger holes in metal or aluminum much easier.

The Wood Type

This type of mag drill bit has a point on the end that is designed to make it easy for you to get started when drilling holes into wood. It will also help prevent splintering, which helps protect your material from getting damaged!

The Masonry Type

If you are looking for a drill bit that can easily cut through masonry, then this is the type of mag drill bit you should consider getting. It has an extended sharp tip and will make it easy to get started drilling into even hard surfaces like brick or concrete without any issues!

The Top 4 Best Mag Drill Bits For Mag Drill Presser

1. Hougen Annular Cutter Magnetic Drill Bits Kit

cordlessblowerMore Details

Hougen Annular Cutters are the first choice for DIY, utility companies, and contractors needing to make clean cuts in pipe, steel, or cable. They work on an annular cutter head with 2 flats for mounting that is very rigid and offers up to 2x the tool life as compared to a quick change or one-touch tool mounting systems. 

It has been around since 1968 and remains a staple in every home, business garage, and industry pocket. This kit is a perfect solution for your deep hole drilling needs. 

These cutters work most efficiently when the circumference of the cutter is smaller than or about the diameter of the drill bit used, which means you can use them with electric drills up to 3/8″ – 1/2″. They provide better chip evacuation and require less horsepower in order to create cleaner cuts.

They allow for smoother cuts and less chatter, so you get faster results without all those messy clean-up ers afterward. Each tooth on this product has two or three angles, which helps prevent cutting through hard material and undercutting softer surfaces.

  • High-quality steel
  • Excellent performance
  • For long term use
  • Smooth cuts

    2. Annular Cutter Set 6 Pcs Mag Drill Bits Kit for Magnetic Drill Press

    cordlessblowerMore Details

    This kit is perfect for cutting and boring with a drill press or electric drill. Manufactured from tough, durable HSS steel, these drill bits are 1 inch in diameter and come six per pack to cover all bases. 

    The fantastic set includes four sizes – ½”, 9/16”, 11/16”, 13/16” – that can be used as countersinks or pilot holes (depending on your project).

    A set of 6 high precision CNC-machined annular cutters with 3/4 inch Weldon shank, designed for your magnetic drill press. You can use the cutter on various brands of magnetic drills and you need an extra arbor if you want to use it on a drill press.

    This product will make any drilling job tidier and more professional by providing consistent results. In comparison to metal-cased items comparatively priced, this quality product comes out at just 10% more!

    • Super Sharp
    • Lots of selection
    • Good steel quality
    • The depth and diameter ab perfect for any job

      3. Oscarbide Annular Cutter Mag Drill Bits Kit for Magnetic Drill Press

      cordlessblowerMore Details

      Complete Annular Cutter drilling kit for it to be an easy task. When using this drill bit set, you’ll be able to cut through bores much more quickly and easily than with any other type out there.

      They are thin-walled and have dual alternating teeth for efficient and aggressive cutting that is easier than traditional hole saws or twist drills. 

      Plus, because these bits can re-sharpen the entire surface of the bit tip in order to remove burrs as well as double cutting edges, they give ply cuts perfect accuracy too! 

      With an Oscarbide Annular Cutter, you can be sure that every hole is circular and clean. Plus, it’s versatile enough for use on a magnetic drill press to make any embedded mistakes just disappear.

      If the taper of your drill bit isn’t cutting through as you want it to or if things are drilling slower than usual, then maybe the time has come for some new cutters. 

      The 3/4″ width is good for most standard machines with holders and will fit both ferrous metals as well as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, plastic, and wood in plate form or round pipe form.

      With all these amazing features combined into one product, Oscarbide Annular Cutter Mag Drill Bits Kit is a must-buy!

      • Heavy and durable
      • Fast speed

        4. Muzerdo 13pcs 3/4 Inch Cutting Depth and Cutting Diameter for Magnetic Drill Press

        cordlessblowerMore Details

        These tough annular cutters last a lifetime, up to 20 times longer than previous models in the market. They’re made of high-speed steel and are heat resistant, so they work better with thicker pieces of lumber and other materials, as strong as any drill bit comes. 

        To simply plug into your drill press or magnetic drilling machine, lock the cutter onto your piece to be drilled, then snap through it without worrying about bumping against corners. 

        These can handle even the thinnest pallets! For heavier duty projects, you’ll love how much more efficiently this cuts through heavy wood. Muzerdo 13pcs 3/4 Inch Cutting Depth and Cutting Diameter is an economical choice for your HSS applications that need sharp blades. 

        The cutter has a range of 185mm-325mm, which means you’ll have to figure out how much length you want before making your purchase. Remember to order the specialized grinding machine required by purchasing this product!


        Perfect for every job

        Can cut really well

        For long term use

        Strong bits

        • Perfect for every job
        • Can cut really well
        • For long term use
        • Strong bits

          The Advantages Of Using Mag Drill Bits

          Mag drill bits are very efficient and will decrease the time it takes to drill a hole. They are also known for having superior holding power when compared to other types of bits, which helps make them easy to use and very safe.

          The Disadvantages Of Using Mag Drill Bits

          There really is not much that can go wrong with a mag drill bit. The one thing to look out for is rust, as this could affect the magnetic power of these bits and make them less efficient. 

          If you are using your mine outdoors or in an area where it will get wet, you should take more care to ensure they are adequately protected.

          Buyers Guide: What To Consider In Buying Mag Drill Bits

          The Size

          This is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a new mag drill bit. Before you start looking around, make sure that you know what size hole or opening you will need your next drill bit to be able to handle. This information can typically be found on the product packaging, and once this has been identified, you can move forward with your purchase.

          The Style

          This is another very important factor to consider when shopping for new mag drill bits. The style of these bits can vary greatly from one product to the next, so be sure that you know what type of bit will work in any given situation before making a decision! This information will typically be provided on the product packaging, so make sure to take a close look at it before you buy.

          The Brand

          There are many different brands of magnetic drill bits on the market today, which can be overwhelming for some people! 

          The best thing that you can do is try and narrow down your choices by first selecting what type of bit will work in any given application. Once you have done this, it would be a good idea to select the brand with the best track record for providing high-quality products in your category of interest.

          The Price

          When shopping around for new magnetic drill bits you may notice that some are extremely expensive while others can be bought at very affordable prices! 

          If money is not an issue for you, it might be worth purchasing the most expensive bit that will work in your application. If this is not a possibility, then look around to see what types of bits are available at affordable prices and make your decision based on the information provided above!

          The Latest Innovations

          Mag drill bits certainly have a long history of being effective tools for drilling holes in metal and other materials. However, the latest innovations made by today’s manufacturers have now opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to what these bits can do! 

          If you are looking to get more bang for your buck, be sure to check out some of the newest products on the market, and you will see why these magnetic drill bits have become so popular all over the world!

          The Masonry Type

          If you are looking for a drill bit that can easily cut through masonry, then this is the type of mag drill bit you should consider getting. 

          It has an extended sharp tip and will make it easy to get started drilling your hole. If you are looking for a bit that can handle masonry as well as metal, then you should consider getting one of the hybrid bits instead. 

          These will typically have an extended sharp tip like what is found on regular masonry drill bits but they also feature magnetic properties that make them even more effective at cutting through tough materials!

          Mag Drill Bits FAQ’s

          What is a magnetic bit?

          A mag drill bit has been designed to be used in combination with an electric or pneumatic drill. These bits come equipped with powerful magnets which are placed inside the tip of each individual cutting surface.

          The drills will often have either a hexagonal (six-sided) shank or round shank, which makes them compatible with a wide range of different types of drills.

          What do these bits work on?

          Mag drill bits are typically used to cut through metal, concrete, and stone.

          They can also be used in applications such as drilling holes for wiring or plumbing purposes regularly. These types of drills will make this process much easier than using standard drill bits would!

          Why should I invest in mag drill bits?

          If you are looking for a more powerful and efficient way to cut through tough materials like metal, concrete, or stone, then investing in mag drill bits is definitely the way to go.

          These types of drills will typically have much stronger cutting surfaces that can make it easier to get started drilling into any material with ease! They also come with the added benefit of being able to cut through these materials much faster than standard drill bits.

          Are there any drawbacks?

          Although mag drill bits are extremely beneficial, they also present one large drawback: they can be quite expensive!

          The higher quality brands will typically cost more money, while some of the lower-priced options may not be as effective.

          If you are looking for a long-term investment that will work well in your application, it is definitely worth investing the extra money to get a more powerful and efficient bit!

          How do I use these bits?

          Using mag drill bit is very simple and will be comfortable holding onto if you have a hexagonal shank. 

          The drills are placed into the power tool much as they would be with any other regular drill bit, but then they should also feature a quick-release button that allows them to easily be disengaged from the drill.

          If your drill does not have a hexagonal shank, then you will need to get an adapter of some kind that can be used with round-shanked drills instead!

          How are these bits different than standard ones?

          Mag drill bits typically feature cutting surfaces that contain powerful magnets inside them. This magnetism makes it easier for the drill to get cut through tough materials like masonry, metal, and stone. 

          These types of magnetic drill bits also come with a few benefits that standard drills will not have as well! They are typically more durable and can be used in applications such as drilling holes on a regular basis without wearing down too quickly.

          They come in a variety of different sizes and styles too, which will allow you to choose one that is best suited for your individual application.

          How should I clean these drill bits?

          These types of drills typically require special care when it comes time for cleaning them as well! They should only be cleaned with water or another similar solution, but they should never be cleaned with any harsh chemicals or solvents of any kind.

          This is because the magnets inside them could easily be pulled apart if you clean them too roughly, and this will render your drill useless!

          Where can I find these drills?

          You can find mag drill bits at many different hardware stores, but they are also available for purchase online!

          On top of that, there is a wide variety to choose from, so you will have no trouble finding the right drill bit for your needs. Some brands even offer free shipping when it comes time to place an order with them, which can help out too!



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