8 Cheapest And Best Masonry Drill Bits

best masonry drill bits
ImageProductRating  Price
backpacBOSCH 7-Piece Blue Granite Hammer Drill Masonry Bit Set4.8/5Check Price
backpacIRWIN 29 pieces Drill Bit Set4.8/5Check Price
cordlessblowerDEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set4.7/5Check Price
cordlessblowerKateya 7 Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set4.7/5Check Price
cordlessblowerSabre Tools 4-Piece 12in Masonry Drill Bit Set4.6/5Check Price
cordlessblowerCOMOWARE Drill Bits Set4.6/5Check Price
cordlessblowerMilwaukee Masonry Drill Bit Set4.6/5Check Price
cordlessblowerCooPee 17pcs Masonry Drill Bit Set4.6/5Check Price

When it comes to drilling into concrete and brick, masonry bits are the way to go. They allow you to drill with more force without worrying about shattering your materials. 

However, finding the right masonry bit can be difficult! There are many types available on the market, and they all have different features that will appeal to certain people. If you want a quality product at an affordable price, then these 8 bits should be perfect for you!

What Are The Uses Of Masonry Drill Bits?

Masonry drill bits are designed to be used in masonry, but they can also work for other materials. They can also be called hole saws, and they cut a wider circle than most other drills.

They’re best suited for the job when drilling through hard materials such as stone or brick walls because these kinds of surfaces require a more durable tool. 

Compared to regular drills that would wear out quickly on this type of surface, masonry drill bits are much more durable, which is one of their biggest benefits.

Masonry drill bits also benefit from being able to go through both hard and soft materials because they cut a wider hole than most other drills do. This makes them versatile enough for use on lots of different types of projects.

Many people are confused about masonry drill bits and mag drill bits. Masonry drill bits are specialized tools that work on brick, concrete, or stone surfaces. Mag drill bits can be used for masonry as well but they also have the ability to function with wood and metal surfaces. If you’re looking to do some home improvement projects, either one will get the job done depending on what type of surface you’re working with.

Types Of Drill Bit Materials

Masonry drill bits can be made of different materials, such as carbide, high-speed steel, and tungsten.

Carbide drill bits are the most popular type of masonry drill bits because they’re very effective for use on bricks and concrete blocks. However, these types of materials can dull a bit’s cutting edge quickly.

High-speed steel is less expensive than carbide, but it doesn’t last as long.

Tungsten drill bits are the sharpest and most durable because they’re designed to withstand high temperatures without burning or breaking down.

The 8 Best Masonry Drill Bits For Every Job

1. BOSCH 7-Piece Blue Granite Hammer Drill Masonry Bit Set

cordlessblowerMore Details

Bosch’s 7-piece Blue Granite Hammer Drill Masonry Bit Set is perfect for use with concrete, stone, and masonry. 

Part of their flagship series, the set includes seven commonly used bits that come in a convenient storage case made from ultra-durable polyester fabric. 

Each bit features high-temperature brazing that helps prevent any carbide cutting edge from breaking out – no need to worry about ruining your drill! 

The softer shanks have ANSI-compliant aggressive gripping power as well, so there is never any slip while you’re drilling. For all of these reasons and more, this set truly makes for an excellent addition to your workshop or job site!

  • Long and Strong
  • Durable
  • Perfect hole drilled
  • Fast and Sharp

    2. IRWIN 29 pieces Drill Bit Set

    cordlessblowerMore Details

    Always on the go? Never enough pockets? Let IRWIN make every day a little bit easier! The 29 piece Drill Bit Set, which comes with 135-degree split point bits to minimize walk. 

    Each drill bit is designed to last and made of a durable web for the strength you can count on. 

    This set includes standard metric sizes 1/16 inch -1/2 inch in 64 increments, plus three bonus broken-in 60 degree POX Shank drills: 1mm (.039″), 3mm (.118″) and 5mm (.197″). 

    There are also three different pilot plugs included in this kit: steel, copper, and titanium. Such a handy toolbox wherever your adventures may take you!

    • Sharp
    • Durable
    • High-quality

       3. DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set

      cordlessblowerMore Details

      A chain is just as strong as its weakest link. Protect your drill from stripping and busting with the DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set, which includes 2 cutter carbide tip bits for more powerful drilling. 

      Forget about having to stop and clean out debris on the most arduous of jobs when using our four-flute design. It’s quick enough without any extra help! And have peace of mind knowing our three flats eliminate bit slipping in chuck.

       Finally, get maximized power at a great price by choosing our set of quality hex shank masonry bits designed with rock carbide tips, so they deliver long-lasting durability.

      Vast drilling capabilities without fear of slipping. These Masonry Drill Bits are great for any brick, block, concrete, or masonry projects around the home.

      A sturdy set of three double flat drill bits that fit perfectly in your device’s chuck and provide you a smoother experience than ever before because it can’t slip out. Get to work with this professional quality kit made specifically for what you need!

      • Durable
      • Fast and Sharp
      • Clean holes
      • Easy to drill
      • Minor issue with the case

      4. Kateya 7 Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

      cordlessblowerMore Details

      Packed with four high-grade carbide cutting points and forged high-speed steel, this 7 piece set gives bricklayers the option of a wide array of drilling options. Kateya’s drill bits cut clean for an exact result every time. 

      Masonry drill bit sets are available in a variety of shapes to make your work easier, more effective, and faster than ever! The Kateya 7 Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set is perfect for any long-term project. 

      The included 13 inch SDS Max drill bit and makes clean, neat holes in wood, masonry, and steel. These bits are designed with a thicker shank so they don’t break or dull as quickly as other bits on the market. 

      With these durable, quality tools you’ll make every single hole count!

      • High quality
      • Excellent performance

        5. Sabre Tools 4-Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

        cordlessblowerMore Details

        Some drills are just not made for use on masonry walls. 

        No matter how hard you try, they can be frustrating to work with and there’s always a chance that you’ll break the drill bit over all those rough surfaces. 

        With our four-piece Masonry Drill Bit Set, on the other hand, things will go smoother from start to finish! 

        We promise no more hassles of bits breaking while drilling into concrete or brick or smashing against granite. Your best friend when it comes to drilling holes in tough materials is here!

        Designed to work with high-quality rotary hammers, these bits last more than 120 holes each and are resistant to wear and tear during drilling. 

        The bits can hold a sealant better and save you time without any hassle of repainting windows afterward.

        Our 12 in drill bit set contains 1/4” x 12”, 5/16” x 12”, 3/8” x 12”, and 1/2” x 12in masonry bits. 

        This offers flexibility for various tasks due to the different slots in size without compromising quality. With 4 pieces per set, these drills will have your hands free while you work on whatever project needs attention!

        • Durable
        • Sharp

          6. COMOWARE Drill Bits Set

          cordlessblowerMore Details

          This COMOWARE Drill Bits Set provides the perfect size and combination for any home, office, or hardware store. With 16 drill bits in different shapes and sizes, it is a quick and easy addition to toolboxes everywhere. 

          What’s more? The bits are constructed of steel with high-quality surfaces that last for years. Remember: there’s no wrong way to use your hammer power drill!

          With carbide’s hardness and wear resistance, these drill bits are perfect for heavy-duty applications such as reinforced concrete with carbide’s hardness and These a larger case, so you’re guaranteed they’ll stay organized!

          It provides all of the necessary drilling bits to complete various projects. The SDS-PLUS shank on these drill bits is compatible with most electric drills and will provide for a perfect fit. 

          Whether you’re looking to create a hole in the concrete, chisel out pieces, or groove through the brick wall, the COMOWARE Drill Bits Set can help give your creativity an outlet! 

          These tools are made from durable materials, including steel shafts that come protected by rustproof chrome. This drill bit is a high-quality and multifunctional bit set perfect for DIYers.

          It includes drill bits with various sizes from 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm to 16mm as well as a flat chisel and U-groove Chisel also included in this handy kit which also comes with an index storage case for easy use on the go!

          • Good storage case
          • Sharp and Strong
          • Affordable

            7. Milwaukee Masonry Drill Bit Set

            cordlessblowerMore Details

            Milwaukee masonry drill bits allow you to drill through the toughest materials, from brick and stone to concrete.

            Their revolutionary RED HELIX design provides fast material removal with Shockwave Impact Duty technology.  

            With 135-degree split points for precision start and titanium coating that lasts 3x longer than black oxide, these are the ultimate in durability. 

            The set includes 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 7/64″. 9/64″. 5/32″, 11./ 64″ 3 16″ 13 / 64 “7 32 “, 15 66 “1 4 .5 2 0 “,,3 8 “, 1 20 “.

            This Milwaukee Masonry Drill Bit Set can be yours today!

            • Good quality
            • Sharp
            • Can cut metal like butter

              8. CooPee 17pcs Masonry Drill Bit Set

              cordlessblowerMore Details

              With a variety range of 3/4-inch, 1-inch, 12mm hexagonal shank styles and 5pcs Sure Grip Bihex handles included in the kit. This complete masonry drill set has what you need to do any job right. 

              Half of them already with carbide tips for hard abrasive materials like concrete or stone surfaces. The other half is steel with TC4 Titanium Nitride coating for delicate jobs like plasterboard or firing process.

              Available on SDS Plus Shank are suitable for most rotary hammer drills on the market which meets most of your needs, including Bosch, Hilti, Milwaukee Makita Dewalt, etc.

              The CooPee Masonry Drill Bit Set is the ultimate drill bit set for those hard to reach areas. 

              Instead of having to take out 17 different bits from your toolkit and put each back in its own slot, with this drill, you can just carry them all around with you conveniently in a plastic case! You’ll never be without when you’re using these precision drill tools.

              • Sturdy
              • Durable
              • Not so sharp

              How To Choose The Best Masonry Drill Bits?

              In choosing the best masonry drill bits, you should consider the following:

              Thread Length And Diameter

              The thread length and the diameter of a drill bit may vary from one to another. 

              A longer (thicker) thread is better for drilling in dense materials, while a shorter (smaller or thinner) thread works well with light materials. Thinner threads are more likely to break or tangle on themselves during use.

              Point Size

              The drill bit’s point is designed to create a hole on one side and leave an anchor point on the other. Larger bits will need more power, which can mean that you’ll want to use them with a corded drill, whereas they could be used in battery-operated drills for smaller jobs.


              The speed at which the drill bit rotates significantly impacts how well it cuts the material. The slower the rotation, the more pressure is exerted, and thus greater surface contact with denser materials are created. 

              For softer surfaces like wood, fast speeds will create less indentation to work with and lead to bigger chips left behind.


              The price is a very important aspect of any purchase. The cheapest masonry drill bits are usually not the best, and you should be cautious when purchasing them as they may end up damaging your machine or even cause injury to yourself. 

              It’s better to spend more money on quality than throw it away, repairing something cheap that breaks.


              It is important to always buy quality drill bits. 

              They are harder and more durable than their cheaper counterparts which will save you money in the long run from not having to replace them as often. You should also be able to return a faulty product for free if it breaks within 30 days of purchase.


              The best masonry drill bits are designed to last a long time and be able to withstand tough environments. 

              The materials used in the construction of them should also provide corrosion resistance, avoiding rust, which can make it difficult for your bit to do its job efficiently. 

              Quality materials will also have better heat conductivity than others, so overheating won’t be a problem.

              Masonry Drill Bits FAQ’s

              What size drill bit should I use for a brick?

              Masonry drill bits come in different sizes. The smaller the number, the larger the diameter of your mason’s drill bit will be and vice versa.

              It’s recommended that you use a smaller size than what you think would be necessary because if your drill bits get too dull, you run the risk of breaking through your brick and ruining it.

              How do you know if your masonry drill bits are too dull?

              It’s easy to tell, actually. Your drill bits will get dull when they’ve been used a lot and haven’t had the opportunity to be sharpened by an expert or the correct tool, for that matter.

              When your masonry drill bit doesn’t cut through anything anymore, it’s time for you to find out what size drill bits you need to get.

              Can a masonry drill be used to bore holes through concrete and mortar joints in block walls without using it as an anchor?

              Yes, but with some precautions. When drilling any material, especially these two materials that require very high pressure when cutting, the risk of breaking your drill bit is much higher.

              How many times can you sharpen the drill bits?

              The number of times you can sharpen your drill bits depends on the type of masonry drill bit. For example, if it’s a twist drill bit, then only once.

              How should I store my mason’s drills?

              It is recommended that after using them for some time and sharpening them as many times as they can, you should put them in a box or container that will help protect the drill bits from getting damaged.

              Avoid using duct tape to store your mason’s drills because it might cause the material of the bit to break and chip off over time with how much pressure is on it when taping two objects together.

              How long can a masonry drill bit last?

              The life of a masonry drill bit depends on the material that you’re cutting and how often it gets used.

              If you want to get the most use out of your drill bits, then make sure not to take them off while they are still in contact with anything solid because this will wear down the spiral shape on top faster than if you were to take it off before taking the drill bit out.

              Masonry drills are not usually used for very long, but when they are required for a longer time, then you might want to get more than one mason’s drill in case your other ones break or become too dull after continued use

              What’s the best way to take care of my drill bits?

              You should always clean your mason’s drills after using them for some time. The dust, dirt, and other particles can affect how efficiently it cuts through materials in the long run.

              Do I need any special tools to sharpen my own masonry drill bit, or is a regular file fine?

              A mason’s drill bit can be sharpened with either a special tool or regular files. You do it by running the material down on the side to take off any bits of metal, dirt, and other particles from using your drill for long periods of time.

              Should I buy new drill bits or take my old ones to a professional?

              It’s up to you, but it is recommended that you go with new drill bits if your old ones have been used for too long and are very dull.

              You might also want to get more than one mason’s drill bit so that in the event of an accident like breaking the drill bit, you can still have others to use.

              Is using a regular drill bit for your concrete okay?

              No, regular drill bits can’t withstand the pressure that masonry drills typically need to cut through concrete.

              What should I do after drilling my hole?

              It is recommended for you to use a type of grout like epoxy or other materials to cover up your new drilled hole so that it doesn’t have to be touched up too often.

              If you want to cover your hole completely, then it is recommended that you use a plug or some other type of sealant for the job so that no water can get in and cause more problems over time.

              What should I do when my hole isn’t big enough for some items?

              You can either use a hole saw or a chisel to widen your drilled hole or you can do it manually with a hammer.

              Hole saws are great for when the drill bit is too big in diameter, but if you’re going at it by hand, then make sure not to put all of your weight behind the object because this will just make the object split and break after a lot of pressure is exerted.

              This usually works best if you feel like your drill bit isn’t big enough for the type of hole that you have to go through, but in some cases, this might not be possible because it can cause an accident with how much force is behind it.



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