6 Best Welding Helmet Under $200 (2021 Review)

Best Welding Helmet Under $200
backpacLincoln Welding helmet4.7/5Check Price
backpacYESWELDER Welding Helmet4.6/7Check Price
backpacTOOLIOM True Color Welding Helmet4.6/7Check Price
backpacAntra Welding Helmet4.6/5Check Price
backpacDEKOPRO Welding Helmet4.5/5Check Price
cordlessblowerMonster&Master Welding Helmet,4.5/5Check Price

You can find the best welding helmet under $200, but don’t be fooled. Welding is a dangerous profession that requires equipment to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and sparks. 

You need to make sure you are buying a high-quality helmet with all the necessary safety features to keep yourself safe on the job site. Check out this list of 6  great options for cheap welding helmets!

How Do Welding Helmets Protect You?

To see well while welding, the light needs to be at a 45-degree angle in front of you. This helps when looking for welds and inspecting the work.

A high-quality welder will also have features like an adjustable viewing lens that can handle all angles with ease or different shade levels (three is standard), so it can adapt to all types of light.

A welding helmet is designed with a lens that protects your eyes from the bright, intense arc lights used in welding applications. The metal on the outside will protect you against sparks and spatter as well. 

The best welding helmets typically have some sort of darkening feature that blocks out the fluctuating light as well as a shade adjustment knob to control the level of brightness coming through the lens.

A lot also comes with an auto-darkening capability, meaning they’ll adjust themselves to make it easier for you to see in just seconds.

How Do We Pick The Best Welding Helmet Under $200?? 

To ensure we give you the best review and recommendation, we’ve researched and analyzed over thirty welding helmets to find the best, most affordable models.

We’re confident you’ll be able to find an ideal product in this list of six that are all under $200 – what’s more is they’re all rated with at least four stars on Amazon.

6 Top Picked Welding Helmets

1. Lincoln Welding helmet

cordlessblowerMore Details

Constructed to provide you with the best welding experience possible, the Lincoln Welding Helmet’s ratchet headband and sweatband ensure all day comfort.

100% lightweight for your convenience, this helmet features patented interchangeable shields for processes like stick welding and flux-cored welding. 

There are also some nifty perks this welders hat offers: an easily adjustable band, durable adjustment clasp, quick-release tabs to prevent breakage of liner material, and a snug-fitting oversize sweatband that absorbs excessive perspiration while keeping the face free of fogging.

  • Wide and Comfortable
  • Dimming fats
  • Easy to replace battery
  • Simple
  • Affordable

    2. YESWELDER Welding Helmet

    cordlessblowerMore Details

    The YESWELDER Welding Helmet comes with a viewing size of 3.64″X1.67″ and has 2 premium sensors to make it more efficient than ever before.

    The helmet is perfect for TIG welding, MIG welding, or even Motocross/Aggressive Motorcycle riding as well! 

    This helmet can be worn comfortably with its pivot style headgear that secures the helmet in place easily without creating any suffocation hazards! This welding helmet weighs next to nothing at just 1lbs!

    • Has a true color features
    • Adjustable
    • comfortable
    • Clear view

      3. TOOLIOM True Color Welding Helmet 

      cordlessblowerMore Details

      We make it easy for professionals like you to get the job done. The true color clear viewing area is twice as large as competing helmets, so weld on suitably sized cutting plates without refocusing your vision. 

      Its auto-darkening filter gives you 1/30000 seconds of protection from bright light and quick transition when fall darkness descends upon your workstation.

      We offer these attributes in three levels of optical class from 2/1/2 through the industry’s most advanced level of 3/1 quartet-plus DIN 9-13 protection without distracting line adjustments tasks or tradeoffs for peripheral views or visual clarity. 

      TOOLIOM is a comfortable and durable welding helmet that is suitable for a variety of applications. Made with adjustable headgear to create the perfect fit.

      This helmet has been designed not only to be safe but also comfortable so you can enjoy your work without fatigue. The safety rating on this welding helmet means there are no nasty surprises; nothing catches out of your peripherals and darkens what you are working on.

      • Good controller placement
      • Comfortable
      • Comes with an extra battery
      • Little heavy

      4. Antra Welding Helmet

      cordlessblowerMore Details

      The Antra Welding Helmet is perfect for welders looking for a stylish yet functional welding helmet that protects from harmful green and ultraviolet rays.

      It has a double-layered, automatic dimming display with optical qualities which enable you to see clearly even when the light level changes. 

      The comfortable headgear strap can be lowered to protect your neck by providing you with 98% of total face coverage while still being aesthetically pleasing.

      This product has been tested and meets ANSI Z87 Standards at 10 feet with UV light reducing white fluorescent light by 95%.

      The Antra Welding Helmet is the lightest and most comfortable welding helmet on the market today. With a flip of an external switch, you can easily change from welding to grinding without taking time to change lenses.

      Protect yourself when welding with an Antra Welding Helmet. The red light is soothing and easy on the eyes, so there’s no risk of eye stress that can often come with intense lighting like this.

      With 4 Premium redundant arc sensors to make sure you are in full working order from all angles, you will be at 100% safety during your next project.

      Built with Interference Suppression Technologies, the Antra Welding Helmets minimize false triggering (less sensitive to sun lights while very responsive to welding arc) and are even capable of detecting DC TIG: Rating > 2 Amps. 

      They are suitable for use by welders in a workshop or outdoors and provide clear protection against ultraviolet rays that can damage eyesight.

      The Antra range provides inconvenience-free usage either indoors or outdoors on almost any surface thanks to its wide visor angle that captures your field of vision without obscuring it at extreme angles.

      This welding helmet is ready for all your needs. It offers stability protection for a variety of welding processes, including Plasma cutting, abrasive wheel cutting/grinding, TIG-welding, and Stick-welding. 

      Get the weld done safely with this sturdy machine that’s designed to take on everything from flux remover fumes to bare metal arcs while shielding you against shards of flying metal debris and slag from MIG welds.

      • Good for budget
      • For lonf term use
      • Execellent performance and feature
      • Lightweight
      • Easy to adjust head piece
      • Easy to replace battery
      • Instruction manual can’t be easily followed

      5. DEKOPRO Welding Helmet

      cordlessblowerMore Details

      Constructed of tough thermoplastic with anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses, the DEKOPRO welding helmet makes for a reliable partner in any task.

      The UV/IR radiation-proof auto-darkening filter provides complete protection against harsh lighting while maintaining a clear view of what you’re working on.

      This welding helmet offers hands-free all manual adjustments for various tasks and environments. 

      It also features enhanced visibility with a surprisingly fast reactions time of 0.1s to 1.0s when going from dark to light state, as well as increased color recognition that makes it a favorite among sure-handed welders who don’t want to let a moment of concentrated work slip by just because they are adjusting their welding goggles each time there is a need for brighter illumination.

      Making the traditional process of welding more comfortable and efficient, DEKOPRO has created a durable welders helmet that is tough on safety without compromising style.

      The professional doesn’t need to sacrifice comfort for visibility with this clear yet surprisingly lightweight welder’s mask. 

      In just over a pound in weight, you can see clearly at an angle thanks to its different levels of luminous transmittance from dark when you’re close to bright, so your vision isn’t obstructed when looking through it as well!

      And don’t let the exterior fool you; the interior is equally as tight-knit with balanced headgear that protects against germs or other particles entering into your mouth or nose due to less-than-clever angles.

      This welding helmet is a technological marvel with an ADF for adjusting the shade of the lens and sensitivity adjustments to provide additional protection from light sources.

      This long-lasting product comes in three styles, including one with solar panel power so you can get rid of those pesky battery packs for good.

      Staying safe on the job is no joke. But not all safety equipment takes itself too seriously, and that’s where DEKOPRO Welding Helmet comes in. This durable welding helmet serves the dual purpose of protecting your head from sparks while providing a few laughs to lighten up your work environment!

      • High quality material
      • Adjustable
      • Comfortable
      • Clear view

        6. Monster&Master  Welding Helmet

        cordlessblowerMore Details

        The Monster&Master Welding Helmet is designed to be comfortable and functional. It conforms to ergonomic principles, giving you ample space for maneuverability and comfort during use.

        The Monster&Master welding helmet fits lots of different head shapes because it’s designed with the wearer in mind.

        The Monster&Master Welding Helmet is the next generation in safety equipment for welders.

        The innovative design provides a faster response with <3/10000 second auto-darkening time, 2 arc sensors, external step-less dark color adjustment, and self-test function. 

        With these features built into this helmet, you’ll be ready to take on any welding project confident in your safety and protection from injury while handling hot metal bars that can reach 1004 degrees Fahrenheit!

        Monster&Master Welding Helmet is the perfect helmet for all welders and foundries. Whether you’re welding with a TIG, MIG, or other types of the welder.

        This lightweight but strong welding helmet covers your eyes from glare while also blocking out harmful UV rays and infrared light. 

        The 9-13 shade range makes it easy to find the perfect setting for each circumstance, no matter what metal you’re cutting, grinding, or working on with your welder.

        Plus, there are features like grinding and cutting that enable users to work without restriction during these processes!

        • Great for beginners
        • Fits well
        • Lightweight
        • Cons
        • The headband may lose its tight
        • Fog may build up inside

        Buyers Guide: What To Focus On When Choosing The Best Welding Helmet?


        In choosing the perfect helmet, you want to factor in the weight. If it’s too heavy, then your neck will get sore and tired after a while. It will also make wearing the helmet for longer periods of time more difficult.


        You need a good fit that protects all areas of your face when welding; this means if there are any gaps or cut-outs, then your face will be vulnerable to sparks and spatter.

        Look for a helmet that has adjustable straps or buckles to ensure the perfect fit every time you put it on. This is especially important if you wear glasses or need more than one size for different head sizes.

        Shield Quality

        The lens needs to be clear, not scratched or smudged, and it needs to have a darkening feature that blocks out the fluctuating light.

        Don’t forget about your welding gloves! The best ones will protect you from sparks and spatter as well as heat,  in some cases up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

        If you’re using a stick welder, you’ll want to have a high-quality pair of gloves with Kevlar protection in the fingers that will help protect against electric shock.


        The best welding helmets are easy to wear and have plenty of padding for comfort.

        You should also be able to see well while wearing the helmet, which means it needs a high-quality viewing lens that can handle all angles with ease or different shade levels (three is standard) so it can adapt to all types of light.

        Battery Life

        If your welding helmet requires a battery, make sure it’s easy to replace and that the battery is long-lasting.


        In addition to the features mentioned, you’ll want a welding helmet with:

        1. The ability to be worn on your head and neck – this will give you more protection.
        2. Adjustable straps or buckles for an easy fit every time (especially important if you wear glasses).
        3. A lens that is scratch-resistant and has a darkening feature.
        4. Good ventilation to prevent fogging on the lens or overheating of your head – this is especially important if you’re working in an enclosed space.
        5. The ability for a wide range of visibility, even when the light changes quickly (three shades).
        6. An adjustable viewing lens that can handle all angles.
        7. The ability to switch from welding to grinding without taking off the helmet.
        8. A lens cover that’s easy to remove and put back on for storage purposes but is also resistant against scratches and smudges.
        9. An anti fog coating or a system that circulates air properly inside of the viewing area.
        10. The option to use a battery or not.

        What Type Of Welding Helmet Should You Buy?

        You can get a full-face or half shield. The choice depends on your preference. But if you are looking for protection in terms of what’s available today, we recommend getting the full-face one as it will be more protective.

        A welding helmet is one of the most important pieces of workwear you’ll ever buy. It should be clear to make it easier for you to see and protect your eyesight. 

        It also needs to block out 100% of UV, IR, and heat to create the best shading possible. Choose a welding helmet that suits your needs and style preferences. 

        One that is adjustable flips down or has a manual adjust your light when necessary will make it easier to see while welding without always having to stop what you’re doing in order to change the lens shade level up or down manually.

        Welding Helmet FAQ’s

        What is a welding helmet?

        A welding helmet, also known as an arc-welding mask or simply arc hood, is designed to protect the wearer’s face and eyes from light emitted by an electric current in metalworking processes such as welding. 

        Includes ultraviolet radiation (high energy visible light), infrared radiation (low energy visible light), and the resulting heat.

        How much should you spend on a high-quality welding helmet?

        A high-quality helmet does not depend on its price but on its features and durability of it.

        If you are looking for a welding helmet that is perfect for your budget, then you can check out the list above of our 6 best picks under $200.

        What shade is safe for welding?

        The best welding helmet shade should be between 12 and 13. The shade of the welding helmet is measured in shade factor or shade number.

        The higher the shading number, the more protection you will have from UV rays that can cause eye damage and skin cancer.

        What do you need to look for in a welding helmet?

        It’s important that the lens be clear, not scratched or smudged, and offer different shades of light (three is standard).

        The best ones also have an auto-adjusting capability so it’ll get easier for you to see after just seconds.

        You should also invest in a pair of welding gloves to protect you from sparks and spatter as well as heat.

        What’s the difference between an auto-darkening helmet, one with manual adjustments, or one that flips down?

        An automatic darkening helmet will adjust itself to make it easier for you to see after just seconds. This is especially useful if you don’t have time to make adjustments manually.

        A flip-down helmet will allow you to shift between light and dark shade, while a manual adjuster requires constant lens manipulation.

        If you’re only looking for a helmet with manual adjustments, then look out for ones that offer three different levels of darkness and are compatible with prescription glasses.

        What is a welding helmet rated by?

        Most welders are going to wear helmets that block out 100% of UV, IR, and Heat.
        This will protect them from any adverse effects these elements have on their eyesight long-term. There are also filters for different light levels from dark to light.

        What is a dark welding helmet? 

        Dark helmets will provide the best shading, but they also block out 100% of light – this makes it easier for welders to see and prevents those pesky sunspots on your retinas from appearing due to UV rays.

        How can I protect my eyesight when welding? 

        The most important thing you can do is ensure that your welding helmet has a dark shade lens.

        You should also be wearing protective eyewear like safety glasses or goggles to protect against spatter and sparks as well as UV rays.

        What do I need to know about welding gloves? 

        Welding gloves are essential because they protect your hands from the sparks that come out of metal when it’s being welded together as well as make sure you don’t get any burns on your hands while welding.

        They also protect your hands from getting dirty and any other dangers that may be lurking around the workplace.



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