Can You Drill A Hole In A Resin Statue?

Can You Drill A Hole In A Resin Statue?

A resin statue is probably one of the most popular choices for purchasing a decorative item. These statues can be found in many different styles and shapes, but they all have some things in common.

They are usually made from polyester or another plastic material that is then cast into a mold. One question that might come up when you’re considering purchasing one of these items is whether it’s possible to drill a hole through them? This post will answer this question and more!

When Do You Need To Drill Into A Resin Statue?

Since resin statues are used to represent people, the first question is if you can drill a hole in it without damaging its appearance. The answer is yes and no, depending on the situation.

You can drill a hole into resin if you need to install hardware, and it does not affect the overall design of the statue. Moreover, if you plan to put a resin statue outside where it will be exposed to the elements, drilling into it is unavoidable.

You can drill into a resin statue if:

  • You’re installing hardware that only needs one hole and doesn’t have sharp edges or points which could damage your artwork
  • If there isn’t another way of doing so without damaging your piece of art
  • If you’re drilling into a resin statue that is going to be displayed outside where the elements will damage it anyway

You should not drill into a resin statue if:

  • There are other ways of installing hardware without damaging your piece of artwork (such as magnets)
  • The design has too many holes already and adding new ones would make no sense or look bad. In this case, you can use adhesive instead of drilling holes in order to attach the hardware.
  • The hardware has sharp edges or points

If you’re going to put a resin statue outside, then it might be inevitable that you will have to drill holes into it. In this case, the most important thing is choosing the right drill bit and method so as not to damage your art piece in any way.

How Can You Drill A Hole In A Resin Statue?

To drill a hole in a resin statue properly, we provide you with the steps.

First Step

To bore a hole in resin you need to use the right drill bit. If possible, choose one that is slightly smaller than your hardware so it will fit perfectly into the drilled-out space and won’t fall through or cause any other problems later on.

Second Step

Use a good quality electric screwdriver for drilling holes as they can easily apply high torque and help create smooth cuts and surfaces, which reduce damage to your piece of artwork.

You should also pay attention not to twist too hard because this could result in small cracks around where you’re drilling. Drill slowly at first until you get used to how much pressure works best with each particular material so as not to break it while continuing along its length.

Third Step

In order to give your drill a bit more power, you can apply a thin layer of lubricant such as WD-40 on the area where it is going to cut. This oil will reduce friction and help create smooth cuts without any damage or cracks forming around the drilled hole.

Apply this step with caution because too much pressure could cause resin statues to crack or break altogether! Once it’s done, you can proceed by drilling into your art piece at an angle (upwards) for the hardware not to be visible from above once inserted later on.

Always remember that speed matters less than appropriate force when drilling holes, so take care not to overdo things here either, especially if using manual! You should also make sure your bit is not worn out so as to prevent any cracks or debris from being created around the drilled hole.

Fourth Step

To make sure you’ve drilled a clean enough cut, wipe off excess resin dust with alcohol and wait for it to dry before continuing. Once there are no more signs of drilling visible on the surface of your piece, proceed by applying adhesive into each side of the new opening in order for hardware pieces to fit perfectly inside them without causing damage!

Finally, insert screws/bolts slowly until they sit flush with their surrounding surfaces, then carefully remove all protective and adhesive materials used during installation (making sure not to save these if later needed). You can now decide whether or not using washers is necessary, depending on the size of your screws and bolts.

Now that you know how to drill a hole in a resin statue, you can start working on your project! We also recommend reading our post about knowing where you can buy a drill rifle and drill a hole in a stainless steel sink if you are looking for more information.



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