How To Change Battery In Multimeter: 3 Easy Steps

How To Change Battery In Multimeter

This article will show you how to change battery in multimeter so that it can continue to serve its purpose of measuring voltage, current, resistance, and other important factors!

How often do you use your multimeter? If it is just for one-time projects, then replacing the battery might not be on your radar.

However, if you are using your multimeter on a regular basis, then it may be time to replace the battery before it dies and leaves you without power.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Change Battery In Multimeter

Step 1

Identify the type of battery in your multimeter. Depending on what kind of meter you have, different batteries may be required. The three types are AAA, AA, and coin cell (also known as an LR44).

Step 2

Identify where to put the new battery once it is removed from its packaging. Look at the side or top of your meter for a flat area that will accommodate the new battery. Make sure to put it incorrectly, with a positive side up or down depending on what type of multimeter you have.

Step 3

Lift out the old battery using tweezers if necessary, and place it in the new one. Again, make sure you are putting it incorrectly based on how it came out! Replace any compartment covers once finished changing batteries. Your multimeter is now ready for use!

Tips On How To Change Battery In Multimeter

  1. When changing batteries in a multimeter, always remove the old battery first to ensure that you do not get shocked. This will completely ruin your day and it’s best to avoid doing so!
  2. Certain meters may have more than one compartment. Make sure to change both if this is the case for easier use afterwards (no need to open and close each part every time).
  3. Try and purchase batteries from an electronics store and not a grocery store as they will be more effective.
  4. Ensure you dispose of the old batteries properly, and recycle if possible! This is a great thing to do for our environment which we appreciate so much!
  5. Some meters will have a small LED light that may require replacing if it goes out. This is only the case for some multimeters though, so check your manual to see what kind you have!

Multimeter battery replacement can be quite easy once one gets used to doing so. Follow these steps and you should be fine in changing batteries within no time at all! You can check our post about 9-volt battery and how does a battery tripping unit work.



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