How to Install An S-Trap Toilet Pan: 5 Quick Steps

How to Install An S-Trap Toilet Pan

If you’re looking for a quick and easy guide on how to install an S-trap toilet pan, then this article is what you need. This blog post will also provide some tips, so your plumbing project goes smoothly!

How to Install An S-Trap Toilet Pan?

If you are buying or choosing a new toilet, then it will most likely have an S-trapped connection. However, if you are looking to replace your old one or buy a replacement for whatever reason and want to install the same type of waste system as before, nothing stops you from doing so! Here are the 4 steps you should follow to successfully install a toilet pan with an S-trap.

Step 1: Measure up!

You must first check the height of your current waste system and ensure that you buy a new replacement that is not too high or low for any reason. Using a straight edge, mark where the water level reaches on the inside of your bowl.

Step 2: Drain your toilet pan!

You must not proceed until you have done this step. Use the correct tool to unscrew the nuts on both sides of your waste system and let all water drain out immediately before continuing. You will need at least 0,75 inches (19mm) of free space below where your water level was marked previously for it to work properly.

Step 3: Attach S-trap parts onto bowl firstly!

The first part that you should attach is an extension piece with a threaded end which can be screwed very easily into place without any additional tools required whatsoever. Then simply screw in the actual U-bend section so that it rests firmly against the bottom rim of your toilet bowl.

Step Four: Attach S-trap parts onto the waste system!

The last step in the process is to attach the coupling nut, which will allow you to connect all of your pipes together before attaching it back into place on one side. Ensure that everything is tightened securely and then turn the water supply back on while carefully observing any leaks or problems with drainage afterward.

With these steps followed, you can successfully install a new toilet pan with an S-trapped connection for your convenience. If you are interested, you can also check our post on how to rifle a PVC pipe and remove a broken threaded PVC pipe.



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