How to Drill Hardened Tool Steel: 5 Helpful Things To Remember!

Hit the Tools: How to Drill Hardened Tool Steel

In this blog post, we will go over some of the best ways on how to drill hardened tool steel so that your project goes smoothly.

Drilling hardened tool steel is a great way to create holes for bolts and screws. But first, you need to know how! It can be difficult, but with the right tools and technique, it’s possible.

How to Drill Hardened Tool Steel Properly

When working with high-grade tool steel, not all drill bits are created equal. Drilling hardened materials can be challenging, but understanding the right techniques makes completing your project much easier without breaking your tools or overheating them.

1. Choose a Drill Bit Wisely

The first step is to choose the proper bit for the job at hand.  There are different grades of hardness when it comes to tungsten carbide drills, and each one has its own specific application.  

The harder you need the material drilled, the more likely it is that an industrial quality tool will be needed to avoid breakage during drilling operations.

2. Keep Your Tool Cooled Down

Tool steels heat up quickly, which makes this type of metal very sensitive to high speeds and overheating.  It is important to keep your drill bit constantly cooled down with a little help from the included drilling oil. This will prevent any damage and prolong tool life so you can continue making clean holes in even the hardest materials.

3. Slow Down Your Drill Speed

When working on harder metals, it’s best to slow your drill speed down as low as possible for more accurate results.   The slower that bits rotate, the less likely they are of breaking due to built-up heat or friction against the material being drilled into during operation.

4. Get Some Help When Needed

If things get too hot while drilling hard metal objects, don’t be afraid to stop after every few seconds or minutes to let things cool down.  Even though it may be frustrating to monitor your work, in the end, you will save yourself some frustration and money when replacing broken tools.

5. Get Your Drill Bit Sharpened When Needed

Once a tool steel drill bit starts to become dull, there is no way of saving it or making it any better than before. This means that once your bit becomes too dull for comfort while drilling through hard materials, then likely all hope is lost as far as getting any more use out of this specific drill head.

This makes the process expensive because a new tool must be purchased rather than just having yours sharpened by an expert who knows what they are doing each time.

Tips On Drilling Hardened Tool Steel

Tool steel is not an easy material to work with, so proper care must be taken when drilling through it.

Taking the right precautions and using the correct techniques will ensure a successful project every time without having to worry about broken drill bits or overheated tools. To avoid costly mistakes, use these helpful tips for all your future projects:

  • Choose the correct drill bit based on the hardness of the metal
  • Slow down your drill speed for better results
  • Get help when needed to prevent overheating or breakage in high-grade steel
  • Get your drill bit sharpened if it becomes too dull for a lasting solution
  • Use the right techniques when drilling to prevent any costly mistakes

Now that you know how to drill hardened tool steel, you can get back to your project in no time. You can also check our blogs about how to drill out a grade 8 bolt and how to drill a stainless steel sink.



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