7 Effective Methods on How to Extract Broken Drill Bits

How to Extract Broken Drill Bit

There are many ways to extract broken bits from the hole they’re stuck in. This blog post will go over 7 different methods how to extract broken drill bits.

If you are a DIY enthusiast or simply someone who needs to drill into hard materials, then you’ve probably experienced the frustration that comes with breaking your drill bit. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the end of your project!

7 Methods: How to Extract Broken Drill Bits

Method #1: Use the Right Drill Bit

If you’re using a cheap drill bit, it’s probably not going to last very long before breaking. Cheaper bits are made of softer materials and will bend or break with regular use.

A high-quality drill bit is more expensive but can be used on harder surfaces without breaking as often. If your drill first broke when you were using a cheap drill bit, then this is probably your best option for extracting it.

Method #2: Use Pliers to Pull Out the Bit

When your drill breaks inside of a piece of metal or concrete, sometimes all that’s needed to remove the broken-off piece is some good gripping force from pliers.

If there isn’t much movement in the stuck bit, try clamping down with pliers and twisting out slowly until it comes loose. However, if part of the shank has been left behind in the hole when drilling into wood or plastic materials, be very careful about trying to pull on this section as it can come flying right off!

Method #3: Drill a Hole Next to Your Broken One

Sometimes when you’re drilling through something, the drill bit can become stuck so deep inside that it’s hard to extract without taking a lot of material with it. In these cases, you’re going to need more than just one hole in order for your broken bit to be able to come out! Drill an extra-large hole next to your original small break and then pull from this new opening when removing.

Method #4: Use Plunger If It Is Stuck in Concrete or Cement

This method is most effective when using a corded electric drill because you’ll have lots of power behind every twist and turn. Simply insert the drill into the larger section of metal still attached at the shank until there isn’t much room left between them, then start cranking away with your drill. Be careful not to use too much force, as this might cause the metal shank to rip out of its base entirely!

Method #5: Use a Bolt Cutter for Stuck Bits in Concrete or Brick

This is one of the best methods if you have an easy-to-reach broken bit that’s stuck deep inside. If there isn’t enough material left within reach with pliers, bolt cutters are able to grip on tightly and pull it all back up into view. Simply squeeze together at about ¼ inch away from the part still sticking off the surface then twist counterclockwise until they come loose.  

Method #6: Bend It Out With Pliers

If none of the other methods work, then your best bet is to get a second drill bit and hope you can fit them both in there at the same time. Grip down on the top of the stuck shank with some pliers while drilling away from below until it finally loosens its grip.

Method #7: Use An Angle Grinder

This method isn’t ideal for most people because of how powerful an angle grinder is, but if you have one available, this might be able to extract even extremely deep broken bits that everything else has failed on. Just make sure not to use too much pressure, or else you could end up breaking off more than just a drill bit!  

With these methods in mind, it’s important to always remember that sometimes the best path is simply starting over and using a fresh one. With enough time and practice, you’ll be able to easily extract even the most stuck drill bits without needing any of these tricks! If you are interested, check out our post about how to drill out a grade 8 bolt and how to measure a drill bit with calipers.



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