Make Lawn Mower Blades Spins Faster: 5 Helpful Methods


Make Lawn Mower Blades Spins Faster

The blades on your lawn mower are what do all the heavy lifting when you’re cutting grass. They do a lot of work, so it is important to make sure they are spinning as fast as possible. If they don’t spin quickly enough, then the blade will get caught in the grass and stop working. Here are 5 ways to make lawn mower blades spin faster!

How To Make Lawn Mower Blades Spins Faster

Here are the 5 methods to make lawn mower blades spin faster:

Method 1: Use New Sharpening Stone to Sharpen It

When the stone is new, it will have better performance. You can check whether your sharpener is still good for use by checking if there are any cracks on the blade or not.

Method 2: Use the Pliers to Sharpen It

You can use this method if you do not have any sharpening stones. You just need a pair of pliers and an old towel, which will serve as your support on the lawnmower blade during the sharpening process.

Method 3: Use Sandpaper to Get Rid of Chipped Metal

This is also known as the metal filing technique because when you sharpen it using sandpaper, some chipped pieces will come out from the blade due to heavy pressure applied when grinding or polishing it with sandpaper in circular motion smooth finish appears on its edge surface.

Method 4: Pour Some Oil Over Blade Before Mowing Your Lawn

This method is used to prevent the blade from getting rust. You just need mineral oil or vegetable oil for this trick and pour it over your mower’s blades before cutting any grass on your lawn.

Method 5: Use Power Drill Instead

If you are not satisfied with the other methods mentioned above, then use a power drill instead. This will work fast because there are many rotations per minute when using a power drill than by using manual sharpening stones or sandpaper grinders at home.

But be careful in doing so because if done wrong could cause injury to yourself or others nearby, especially children who want to lend a hand in helping their parents sharpen their tools’ blades safely without causing harm that may lead to accidents.

Safety Tips When Using Power Drill

Ensure that the blade does have any cracks or rust before sharpening it with a power drill so as not to cause accidents when working with it.

Some tools are made from cheap materials which easily get rusted and cracked if they are used in moist places like near the water source, etc, so be aware of what type of material your lawnmower blades are made off especially during the winter season where there’s a high chance that snow will fall anytime soon without notice because this may lead into rusty metal surface once the snow melts due to rising temperature outside then falls back becoming wet under the sunlight making it more vulnerable to rusting.

Do not put the blade too close with the power drill’s rotating part or motor because it may cause accidents when they collide together, causing injuries, so always remember this safety tip when sharpening rusty metal lawnmower blades using a power drill in your garage at home.

Don’t let children touch any of the sharp parts while you are working on it that might lead to accidents and have someone who is capable enough to help you, especially for beginners to sharpen their tools blades without having them injured from doing so if done wrong which could happen during first few tries until one gets used handling such dangerous tool safely. Do not use force while using the power drill as well otherwise. The result will be different.

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