How to Tack Weld Aluminum: 4 Steps You Should Know

How to Tack Weld Aluminum

Tack welding aluminum is a great way to join two pieces of aluminum together. Aluminum is easy to work with and has many different varieties, so what you use depends on the application. This blog post will show you how to tack weld aluminum by following these four simple steps!

4 Steps On How to Tack Weld Aluminum

Step One: Preparation

The first step to tack welding aluminum is preparation. A single person can do the actual tacking together of the pieces, but it’s best if there are two people present for this job.

Take care to ensure that you have removed all dirt and grease from both sides before starting so as not to contaminate your welds later on down the line. Ensure that no paint or coatings exist between where you’ll place your weld as well!

Step Two: Welding Process

Before welding, ensure that your pieces are held together securely. A C-clamp is a great way to keep them in place for this job. You’ll want to position the clamp on one end of your workspace and then tack at the other end while pulling back towards you with steady pressure against it as shown below!

Step Three: Cleaning up Tack Welds

After completing each tack weld, make sure to inspect its quality by removing any slag or spatter from where you laid down your tacks. Your finished product should look similar to what’s pictured above if done correctly!

Step Four: Finishing Up Tacking Process & Final Inspection

Once all of your tacks have been placed, run over them in a crossing pattern in order to ensure that they are all joined fully. Be sure not to go over them too much though, as you could undo the tack welds! Afterward, inspect your work for any hot spots or irregularities. If everything looks good then you’re ready to move on with your project!

Here’s additional information on how to tack weld aluminum:

Tack Welding Aluminum is Easy Once You Know How

Thanks for following our four simple steps on how to tack weld aluminum in order to get started with your own projects today! We hope you enjoyed learning this craft’s basics and good luck on your future welding projects!

If done properly and carefully enough, tacking aluminum can be quite easy once you know what you’re doing when it comes down to practicing this craft. 

Don’t forget to wear protective gear such as protective eyewear and gloves to ensure you don’t hurt yourself during this process. You may also want to check our post about purging weld and changing polarity on flux core welder.



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