How to Use a Hole Saw Without a Pilot Bit

How to Use a Hole Saw Without a Pilot Bit

When you are drilling holes in your wall, sometimes it can be difficult to find the center. You need a pilot hole before you put the hole saw through, but what if there isn’t one? This blog post will show you how to use a hole saw without a pilot bit!

How to Use a Hole Saw Without a Pilot Bit

Step One:  Drill the Hole

First, drill your hole. The size of the pilot bit will depend on what you are drilling; for example, smaller bits work well when working with thin wood or metal, while larger bits can handle thicker materials.

You should be able to find a good-sized pilot bit in most hardware stores and home improvement centers.

Step Two: Place Your Saw Over Drill Bit

If using cordless power tools, make sure they have been charged completely before moving onto this step as there is nothing worse than trying to saw through something but having your tool die halfway through!

Next place the blade over the center of whatever it is that you need to be drilled out. Then carefully slide up until it makes contact with both surfaces. If going into a wall, make sure the wall is flush against a workbench so it doesn’t slip.

Step Three: Saw Away

Now, keeping your drill straight, push down slowly while at the same time pulling up to ensure you are getting an even cut. Do this by using both hands on each handle so that things don’t go too fast or get uneven.

If necessary, apply more pressure with one arm than the other for clean lines and equal cuts. This will help save wear and tear if done right!

Step Four: Remove Excess Material

Then remove extra material from the inside of the hole by hand or with sandpaper. Be careful not to scratch any surrounding surfaces if working on something like metal that may be easily scratched when coming into contact with either.

This method works well for most materials and is a cheap alternative to buying a hole saw or other power tools if you need something drilled out.

It’s also great for projects on the go when working away from home! You can also check our post on how how to sharpen a hole saw if you need to.

Now that you know how to use a hole saw, the possibilities are endless! Explore your home improvement center for new ideas and insight on what projects can be tackled next!



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