How to Fix a Bad Tile Job: 7 Simple Steps

How to Fix a Bad Tile Job

If you find that your tile job is not up to par, it’s best that you fix the problem before moving on with other parts of your home improvement project. This article is about how to fix a bad tile job. If you are not sure what the problem is, read our blog post on how to identify problems with your tiles.

How To Fix A Bad Tile Job?

Step One: Removing Grout With A Grout Removal Tool

To do this, you can use a grout removal tool. This is an easy way to remove the mortar from between the tiles without damaging them too much.

Step Two: Use A Chisel To Remove Any Remaining Adhesive

You may need to use a chisel or another flat-headed tool for this step, depending on the nature of your tiles. To do this, you must first score the tile. If they are large, make several incisions with a chisel or flat-headed tool to ensure that it is not damaged upon impact.

Step Three: Fill The Gaps With Epoxy Or Tile Caulk

Use epoxy or tile caulk to fill in any gaps that were created by the removal of grout. To do this, use a caulking gun to insert the caulk into the cracks and push it in with your finger. Moreover, you must ensure that the tiles are firmly pressed together so they will hold. If you are using epoxy, apply it with a putty knife. Let it dry for a few minutes, and then you can use a damp cloth to remove any excess.

Step Four: Apply New Mortar Onto The Seams And Let It Dry Before Applying Tiles Again 

When using mortar, you must apply it to the seams and let it dry before applying tiles again. This will ensure that they adhere properly, so your job does not fall apart when installed.

Step Six: Mix Up Enough Mortar For Each Tile

To do this, you must first wet the tiles and then apply mortar to them. You should work in sections since the mortar will dry very quickly.

Step Seven: Press New Tiles Into Place

Press the tiles firmly into place and wipe away any excess mortar. Depending on how hard it is to get them in place, you may need to use a rubber mallet for this step. Now, you are done with your tile job. Make sure to clean up the area properly before you leave.

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