4 Steps How to Fix a Toilet Handle: Easy Repair

How to Fix a Toilet Handle

If you’ve ever had to fix a toilet handle, then you know that it can be quite frustrating. The process is fairly straightforward, but the steps are not always clear. This blog post will walk you through 4 easy and quick steps on how to fix a toilet handle!

How to Fix a Toilet Handle

Here are the 4 steps on how to fix a toilet handle.

Step 1: Remove the Toilet Seat

You first need to remove the toilet seat. Make sure you don’t lose the specific screws and washers necessary for re-attachment of the toilet seat to your bowl.

Step 2: Remove the Toilet Tank Lever

Once you have removed your toilet seat, look into where that handle is coming from behind or underneath it! In most cases, there should be screws or bolts holding it in place.

Step 3: Remove the Toilet Tank Lever Arm

Next, you need to remove your toilet tank lever arm from where it is attached to the other side of your bowl. You can do this by loosening or removing that nut and bolt.

Step 4: Cleaning Up!

Finally, clean up any rust around the area with sandpaper before re-inserting all of these parts back into their original positions for general usage again. Make sure everything fits well so there are no leaks after putting together each component piece for use once more!

Reasons Why Your Toilet Handle Is Falling Off

The Handle Is Too Loose

One of the most common problems with a toilet handle is that it’s too loose. If the handle of your toilet falls off or if it can be moved even slightly up and down, this may indicate a problem. The way to fix a loosened handle on a flush valve is simple:

You don’t need any tools to tighten the nut under the tank at all, you just have to turn clockwise until tight enough. Please note that there should not be much force needed for turning or else something might break inside (the cam part). Once tightened properly, test out by flushing again and see how well it works now!

The Handle Is Broken

If tightening doesn’t solve your issue, find out whether this could be caused due to broken handle. Sometimes, the handle can break due to constant usage and repeated wear and tear over time. If the piece is broken off from inside, it will be too difficult to take out or fix that part without removing all pieces first by taking apart the tank lid, etc.

If you want to remove just the flush valve itself (including spindle), this isn’t as hard as it sounds but makes sure you drain the water first! You need a screwdriver and wrench for loosening what holds everything together under there: once loose enough, lift up slowly with your hands while holding parts like arms that control flapper passageway. This may require some twisting of those arms slightly so keep testing them after removal until they move back down smoothly.

The Handle Is Loose On The Spindle

If the handle falls off when you try to flush, it’s likely that your spindle may be loose. If this is the case, then tighten the screw inside of the tank with a flathead screwdriver and test out again – perhaps there could have been some debris in between which loosened up everything, so fixing should do.

The Handle Needs To Be Replaced

Sometimes, even though all other parts are fine, if somehow the lever/handle itself gets broken or damaged enough, such as by getting cracked on one side, etc., then definitely need to get replacement parts for sure! But before doing anything more than just simple tightening, please note: always turn the water supply valve off first and drain any excess water left in the tank before doing anything else.

If any of the parts are broken or damaged, please get a replacement part rather than trying to fix it all up with just simple tightening since this could lead to having something not working properly again very soon unless you want to do major repair work, but fixing will take longer and be more difficult so might as well replace everything if anything is actually broken!

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